How the Supreme Vourt can provide the besieged Chief of the Gloria Arroyo Supreme Court has managed to throw all the roadblocks that they can
on the Filipino people’s quest for the truth behind why the Supreme Court Chief isd so bloody rich, or so the presented evidence shows. They have managed ny scaring/bribing witnesses to put aside even the Philippine Senate Impeachment Court. The only reason this is being done is so that the more stonewalling that is done, the more protection Gloria Macapagal Arroyo can stay safely tucked in a comfortable suite in a Presidential suite in a government hospital, of all places. That, and the fact that GMA’s “midnight” appointee, read: illegally,
done in order to prtect her in cases such as this. She will stonewall for as long as she can to stay out of jail. She, is the person who can possibly pay 100 million pesos to certain influential people involved in a case that has her future at bay. So we can count on her sending her liaisons to rouse the military to rise up against this civilian government to reinstall her, buy as many judges as she can, hire the most expensive lawyers in town, and try to use all the favors owed her to build up support for her forthcoming trial.

And a hearty unwelcome mat is placed on the doorstep to the Philippine bases, which our former rulers, the Americans, wish to revive in their bid to once again expand their power base in Asia. This after losing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they wish to set up house again. So the rape cases will once again rise, our women again be prostituted, and all for a couple of hundred million. NOW, if the Amercians throw many at us in the same manner that they do with Israel, where for the right to use Israeli Highways as landing tarmacs for the amount of one billion dollars a year.
And that, only for the right to land in the Israeli Highways. Now if our people knew how to negotiate, and charge the Americans the proper fees (and I have ideas in how much should be charged for what) for what it is they want. Also, unlike any other country, where if an American soldier breaks the Philippine law, why is it that he cannot be jailed in a Philippine jail? Are we still under the John Wayne syndrome, where we bow to the rednecks and kiss the ground they walk on, or are we ready to treat those who break our laws in the same manner as other criminals? There will be many who will object to the white man coming to rule again. Shall we or won’t we? Let us know, please, before selling the people out. *How much is Cuevas charging this besieged Corona? and why does Corona, if he is innocent, need such a high-powered legal panel, who have the gumption to accuse the entire Senate Judges of accepting 100 Million pesos, A real low blow, and one done in
their fristration as their case is slowly going down the drain. How this Atty Roy can put his face in front of the very sane senate he vilified and merely shrug off their reactions to his claims that they are all corrupt has all the colors of a Gloria Arroyo move. Yet, they fail to prove their case, but merely state hearsay. Oh my poor Philippines.