U.K. Repays Gurkha Loyalty by sacking even more and more of them.

June 21, 2011

The UK screws the Gurkha’s yet again.

“Air Commodore Andrew Lambert, of the UK National Defence Association, said: “This is extremely debilitating for those in the service and it’s sure to have an impact on already fragile morale.”

Who has fought sans question for the UK? Who has fought to the death for the UK? Who protected the Prince when he was stationed in Afghanistan? The Nepalese-born Gurkhas. Yet know, yet again, they are being dumped by the UL Government.  Time was when from the time a Gurkha could run, he did so across the Nepaese mountains to poreapre himslef for hois future in the Britsh Armed Services.  This was so that he would be in tip-top shape to be in top condition as he was going to join the British Army, as the British would often ask their help to fight their enemies. This went on for decades and decades.   God knows how many of these brave souls have died for another countries flag, that of the Brit’s. and now, they are again, for the second time in a couple of years being tossed out into the street, simply put, by the mostly disloyal and obviously ungrateful Brits.  These guys were so tough and recognized  that they were the only soldiers in British units who were allowed to wear their Gurkha Knives align with their uniforms.  It is no secret that the Brits have been dumping these guys for years. Hongkong’s turn-over meant that Gurkas’a would be fired. And so they were.  Then, in a surprise move, the Brits chose to give Pakistanis and Indians priority over these men, who died for them, for residency. Some form of a return for their royalty, but this is nothing new from the British.  Over and over, they have been trampling on the Guirkha’s, despite what these soldiers have done for them. Incredible.  Now comes another story from the front page of the Brit paper the Telegraph, which will give you yet more insights on how the Brits will allow one old lady to live in a hug palace with hundred of rooms, yet not even allow the Gurkha’s a besdspace because the Paki’s and the Indians, as well as the Middle Eastern countries are allowed a stay or residency in Britain, (great Britain? sorry, but not for me, just Britain, the home of the uncaring and the disloyal to those who really counted).  From the land of  the Tony Blair’s comes now this latest story regarding the Gurkha’s plight.-ed.

Anger over ‘shameful’ sacking of


Almost 150 Gurkhas are to be sacked due to defence cuts after only a handful volunteered for redundancy, figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show.

Members of the Queens Gurkha Engineers gather before the unveiling of a statue to mark the 60th anniversary of the unit's formation

Almost 150 gurkhas face the sack after they refused to take voluntary redundancy. Photo: PA
Thomas Harding

By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent

11:02PM BST 19 Jun 2011

Hundreds of RAF and Royal Navy personnel will also be made compulsorily redundant on Sept 1 as only half have agreed to take the voluntary package.

A total of 17,000 personnel will be dismissed from the Armed Forces over the next three years.

Only six Gurkhas have chosen voluntary redundancy out of the 150 demanded by the Ministry of Defence in the first tranche of sackings in September.

A total of 1,000 across the Army are to be sacked, but this newspaper reported on Saturday that outside the Gurkhas there were double the number of voluntary applications, including from some of the “best and brightest” officers.

It is understood that many of the Nepalese soldiers fear being unable to get work in Britain or having to take poorly paid jobs back home.

Major David Owens, of the British Gurkha Council, said it would be difficult for Gurkhas to find employment in the poor economic climate.

“This is just very sad that 150 Gurkhas who have loyally served this country and have pretty much spent their entire life on operations are being treated so shamefully. Man-to-man Gurkhas spend more time on operations than anyone else in the Forces. They have also been the most loyal to serve Britain.”

The RAF and Navy are already at record low levels for manning and are under more pressure from operations in Libya and Afghanistan. More than 1,000 sailors and airmen will be made compulsorily redundant in September as only about half of the 1,020 in the RAF and 1,600 in the Navy have volunteered.

Air Commodore Andrew Lambert, of the UK National Defence Association, said: “This is extremely debilitating for those in the service and it’s sure to have an impact on already fragile morale.

“Many of them have put their lives at great risk on operations for the last 20 years and this is their reward.”

Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, said it was very worrying that so many personnel from the Navy and RAF were being made forcibly redundant at a time when both services are engaged in fighting in Afghanistan and Libya.

“Their families will be deeply concerned and Britain’s ability to defend herself potentially harmed,” he said.

“Ministers will need to give a full and convincing explanation of their actions. This proves again the ministers’ assumptions made in their rushed defence review were fundamentally flawed.”

Gerald Howarth, the minister for international security strategy, said: “We would prefer not to have to make these reductions, but the massive budget deficit, together with the black hole in the defence budget, left by Labour has meant we have had to take some very difficult decisions if the UK was to avoid the same fate as Greece.

“We have to get the defence budget back on to a stable footing to ensure we have a modern, fully equipped Armed Forces able to deal with future threats.

“On the dates redundancy notices are issued, no personnel preparing for, deployed on, or returning from combat operations and on post-tour leave will be made compulsorily redundant.”


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