Exactly How Stupid Is our Commission on Elections?

March 10, 2011

After getting a bad rap from the infamous Smartmatic, whose local expat is seemingly more intersted in dating aged local actresses than running this racket of “Automated” Elections, now Smartmatic is again insisting that the next elections coming in the Philippines use their used, old  gear once more.  If the Philippine Commission on Elections, whose top Commissioners are sadly lacking in basic IT knowledge, they are leaning again towards utilizing the old Smartmatic machines, which had already showed how much outdated it’s system is. Using almost a year old equipment which will cost Mega-millions of Philippines taxpayer money yet again, the marketing smooth-talking Smartmatic white guys might yet again score another financial bonanza.  And all this in exchange for yet another failure of elections in the Philippines.  In case they do not know, the last time I checked (years ago), changes, updates in Computer equipment are updated in Silicon Valley at a rate of hours, not days or weeks. In other words, your  spanking new laptop is obsolete hours after you bought it.

There is only one IT guy in the COMELEC, as the local Election bosses are called, and he is all out for Smartmatic, suspiciously too energetic for his own good.   How the Election “Commissioners” are managing to completely ignore the pleading, begging, and YELLING of all other IT Professionals about how bad this fellow’s judgment has been , and still is, is incredible.  This type of enthusiasm,  and his total terrific impression of how great Smartmatic is can only be motivated by certain factors, and we are not excluding the possibility of his being his way for possible other motivations for not finding a single fault in what other older, more savvy IT folk is definitely an indication of the same way of thinking of his masters at the COMELEC.    The failure of elections of the IT-ignorant COMELEC “Commissioners”,  who till now insist on turning a blind ear to the majority of IT Professionals in this poor country.  They should all be tried for treason if they insist on working for foreigners and not the Filipino people. for treason, at the least, in MY OPINION.  It should be PHILIPPINES FIRST, SMARTMATIC LAST.  NOT a campaign to compliment and market Smartmatic used goods to a starving people.  We the people are DONE with Smartmatic, you imbeciles.  Please get that through your hard skulls, and foget the money (if any), because the country needs you,  not THEM.  But YOU seem to be working for THEM, not US.  So whose side are you on, really?

Obviously not ours, so what is it really? REALLY?  Are you working on taxpayers money to market some used outdated computers that do NOT function as they should, OR are you looking out for the welfare of the FILIPINO people? Please, say it is not what everyone is thinking and saying about you people. Strange how you simply discard all the hoopla and technical arguments AGAINST the foreigners you so staunchly defend.
Saan ba talaga kayo nakakampi? Sa taong bayan ba? O baka naman sa sarili NIYO?   HUDAS NG BAYAN rin ba kayo?  Tama na, po. Sobra na. Bistado na po sila. At kayo po, sabit rin, kung niyo pa halata yan, nabubulag po kayo ng ibang bagay.  Kayo na po ang mag-isip.


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