Philippine Election Commision set to buy 5,000 Obsolete Smartmatic PCOS Machines

December 28, 2010

In what can only be described in another one in the “Only in da Philippines” series of amazing self-deafeating blunders that can only be possible in the sickest country in Asia, there now pops up a new story from an old foe of ours. Smartmatic, the so-called election experts, has found a way to sell 5,000 used and probably by now obsolete PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) ) machines to the Philippine Commission on Elections, better know as the COMELEC.  In preparing for elections that will be held in August of 2011, this agency  has managed to screw up elections each time the country has them.  Now, they are about to spent P7.2 Billion of taxpayers money to purchase the  old machines used in the earlier elections held in this country in the year 2010.

The computer industry moves so fast that the rate of obsolescence is about 17 hours for computers. Given this figure, by August of 2011, most of the present computers would have been either upgraded in a major fashion of new ones bought by consumers.  How and who came about with the idea of buying the old computers from Smartmatic, a  Venezuelan but at times “Liberian registered” outfit with limited assets (you all know what that means) dubious company at best,  is something that can happen only in the Philippines.  Why this matter has not hit the front pages is probably because a movie star gets more mileage than a forthcoming PH Peso 7.2 BILLION scandal. Yet the story did come out in this site- “PINAS The Filipinos Global Newspaper… – ”  Thanks to them we are now forewarned, but whether anyone will put any importance to the fact that this ridiculous  P7.2 Billion deal to buy old equipment to be used in August 2011 yet but will surely be obsolete by then, can be put to better use by say, Dinky Soliman of the Social Welfare Department, to feed and house over 100,000 street children  and squatter families who number in the millions, overloading Manila’s already overcrowded streets and outlying empty land that belongs to other people.  At any rate, why and how this deal is pushing through is also because the papers have not written about it.  But they did cover the affair (alleged) between an aging controversial movie star (no more movies lately) and the head of Smartmatic in the Philippines , who happens to be a Venezuelan.  This is the same Smartmatic that put Hugo Chavez in place, and the same Smartmatic that was also shut down by Chavez for “corruption” about a year or less ago.  As I said earlier, only in the Philippines can this sort of
thing happen, rather, be allowed to happen.  I guess too many powerful people are behind this deal and at the rate journalists are killed in this country, it is also understandable why some may choose to write less controversial stories rather than a hot item like this.  Too many big people with their hands in the pie make this sort of outrageous and one-sided deal happen, and it is also possible , very possible actually, that some money may have seen the palms of otherwise “brave” writers. Only in the Philippines, our should-be tourism  slogan.


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