Bowing to China

December 11, 2010

Manila fights for Burma’s anti-Military dissident, but bows to China’s wishes for God knows why. The Palace is strangely silent as we kowtow to the Politburo’s command:: Boycott the Nobel Peace Prize because we have one dissident giving us a hard time.
The silence is deafening, and all the anti-GMA’s, Anti-Erap, Anti-whatevers’ who fought against tyranny, corruption, Gloria Arroyo, etc are now silent as the Palace does nothing except obey China’s orders. Along with the other Banana Republics,
and despite talk of a new construction by China in the Spratly’s, instead of fighting against the bad guys, we choose to follow the Chinese directive and join other small fledgling republics bullied by China into boycotting the Nobel Peace Prize Awards. Ironically, the President’s mother was herself a contender for the award. Why we now choose to do as China says only China and the DFA know. So much for marching in the streets against GMA. It turns out that we now have a new master, the PROC. Take a bow, y’all.
In the meantime the activists of old are too busy partying and celebrating their newly found power, and enjoying it. So the question of the year is where are all the so-called freedom fighters now that we see that China can make us twist in the wind, and follow their every whim and desire. Task, tsk… Ah the taste of power indeed overwhelms even the strong.
Has anyone bothered to tell Joma Sison that we are now his allies? I guess we need not do that. For he is out partying himself in the light of our government’s support for his advocacy.


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  1. We should seriously rethink our economic engagement with China:

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