Where are the Frailes When Pnoy Needs Them the Most?

October 7, 2010

Returning to the 1500’s and fighting him.  Everyone knows that one of the best intelligence networks in a town, baranggay, municipio or little cityy is the Catholic Church.  The Frailes know everything going on in their  little empires, which, contrary to common opinion, includes “chismis” or rumors, going around town. The confessionals are still the best worldwide sources for “clearing houses” for the latest “news” about time.  They are also where Catholics, which compose the majority of  Filipinos, confess their “sins”, which are repeated the hext week, making it easy for the priest to familiarialize themselves with in a matter of time.  This, I suspect, is also the reason why the Father Among Ed Governor, former Governor of Pampanga until it was the right time for Gloria, a name by which Filipinos use to connote corruption, stealing, widespread theft, and million dollar dinners, which is why I was amazed by a newspaper writer, who seemed to be complaining for the amount the new President of the Philippines, President Noy Aquino, overpaid for the hotdog lunch they had at New York’s Time’s Square. Forgot the writer’s name but that was a stupid comment if I ever read one.  Hey idiot, when you have a President whose host probably spent more on the gas for his limo than he did to feed his cabinet, you aren’t supposed to criticize him.  “Say hey thanks for saving this poor country a few bucks, sir.”   And not say “the previous President sure had class”.  That was anything but an intelligent remark, numb nuts. That was an idiotic, thoughtless sign of a crony only goes to show us that at most probably more than half the people in their party was probably incapable of reading anything in that place’s menu.  Anyway, back to Among Ed.  I am not sure if this was what he meant, but if the Church starts reporting the names of the “jueteng” (an illegal numbers game)  that is making a poor country only poorer and the rich corrupt and if priests got together to report the names of the jueteng lords in their parishes directly to a fax number given them by the Palace, handles only to two people, him and the President and this trusted of the most trusted, then the PNP and AFP Camp Commanders were re shuffled a month prior to the dead rolling, we would truly have a clear view of who’s who in the jueteng hierarchy.

And then the beginning of the end of the world of jueteng  and other things that are destroying us, barrio by barrio, Police Chief by Police Chief, Camp Commander by Camp Commander.  Names of good soldiers, names of corrupt soldiers.  We would even learn the name of the mastermind of Lt. Andrew Pestano’s murderer and give this hero some real justice.

After all, shouldn’t the naughty priests leave the having babies, pedophilia, alcohol, and other hobbies of our politicians best left to those who are experts at it?  After all, when you come to think about it, let the experts do their jobs. Or will the Church claim more experience, having had centuries of experience?


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