SMARTMATIC Tries to Sell Obsolete Gear to Philippine Election Commission

June 23, 2010

It does not make any sense. At the speed in which IT grows daily, buying computer gear today for use in six years just seems to be a stupid decision. Six years is a lifetime in the IT Industry, and in six years, the present gear Smartmatic is trying to dump on us will
be useless. Ask any IT person. Or even ask yourself. Will you buy a car today that you will only use after six years? Will not that car model be obsolete compared to a 2012 model? Will not there be any changes in the car industry by the time 2012 rolls around? No matter that Smartmatic is using Miss Venezuela in a brazen attempt to seduce the president. Boy, this guy must think we are in dire straits when it comes to women. But to have their own women and parlay them as if they were wh**** is a crime against women in general. Gabriela should see this and smack that Flores dude with a lawsuit for using women as seduction tools on public TV. These Venezuelans must think we are all as dumb as the Comelec officials. Hey, Flores, why not point her to try and seduce Melo. But don’t forget to give him a few tablets of Viagra. At his age, he may need it. You,on the other hand, are coming closer and closer to becoming an unwanted guest in this country.
We are not as stupid as you are making us appear. You have worn out your welcome, despite Ms. Venezuela/Universe. Introduce her to Erap, youwill get results there. Probem is , he is an ex-con, and no longer as powerful as he thinks he is. Bye, bye, Flores.


2 Responses to “SMARTMATIC Tries to Sell Obsolete Gear to Philippine Election Commission”

  1. Pala Says:

    It’s a harsh statement you’re making here. I dont think smartmatic is trying to dump anything on us, this machines can be used to many other elections, local, regional, etc. We need to use them, not store them somewhere!

  2. Joshua Reynolds Says:

    Are the paying you to trash this company?

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