On the matter of buying Smartmatic machines for future elections

June 20, 2010

Nowhere is the word obsolete more often used than in the IT industry. I read somewhere that every 18 hours something happens that changes the IT landscape. With this in mind, why should the Comelec, who did not run this election, but rather, left it to Smartmatic to control virtually everything, fall for the latest gimmick of Smartmatic, and that is for us to buy all the equipment we used in the elections last may, 2010. In six years, there will be better, faster, safer, more dependable machines. Who is pushing for this ridiculous ideas? Or rather, how much is the kickback for this deal to go for? Ridiculous and stupid. The Comelec people will not be there anymore, so why are they leaving this nightmare of Smartmatic to the new Comelec, who will run the next elections? What is it with these people, don’t they think forward?
Or is money doing the talking in this deal? A matter most foul indeed.


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