How ABS-CBN Corp. made 2 Billion in ads

May 27, 2010

During today’s board meeting, a stockholder stood up to tell the entire stockholders and management that people like Willie Revillame, who earn a million pesos a day as his compensation and lives a wild night life should not be allowed to address management in the manner in which he did when he complained about a radio show announcer who was apparently not a fan. “You choose”, he challenged the entire ABS-CBN, “fire that guy or I am out of here”. Yeah, right”. Of course, he was bluffing, after all, his threat of moving to another channel, possible GMA-7, could easily be rejected by GMA, as he was, at that point, a has-been. Previous to that, when the channel was showing the country the crowds and the funeral march of an ex-President and in attendance were a million people or more, he was livid. “Take that funeral off my show”, he again challenged ABS-CBN, “it is distracting my audience”, he said about Cory Aquino. By that he meant that the cash he hands out daily to the audiences that flock to the station to watch his show. They are there strictly for the money. Nothing else. If he thinks they are there for his appeal, I challenge him to have a show for a week sans doling out cash to anyone. He will be abandoned faster than Gloria Arroyo will be as soon as she steps down from the palace. people will then, well, they already are doing it, flock to the new President, and Gloria will be just another corrupt, but very rich congresswoman. We shall see how many of her cronies will stick around, now that she cannot appoint military officers nor appoint a cabinet. She will lose a lot of the power she wielded so well for the past nine years. Yet there is still the tons of cash she will be taking home with her when she leaves the palace. This is most of what is left of the huge bags that her go-getters would pass on to local government officials and Congressmen who would gather at the palace for a supposed lunch. The lunch was the side trip. They were there to get their bags of cash. Take the Ampatuan Clan, for example. People she took care of very well and even tried to get off the hook after the massacred 57 people in one go. They own P500,000 machine guns from Israel and are still concealing weapons at their province at the ARMM. They proved their loyalty to her, bought loyalty that is, by winning during the 2004 elections and giving Fernando Poe Jr., her opponent, a zero vote count. Impossible, you say? Not for Gloria. Then there was the much ballyhooed conversation that saw light when it was released to the public, a conversation she had with a fellow nicknamed Garci, short for Garcillano, an election official in Mindanao. He asked her in the tape if she wanted a COMELEC officials family kidnapped already, to ensure that this particular Comelec representative would be more “cooperative” with their stolen election. That is why many still referred to her as the non-president living in the Presidential Palace. But I digress. Back to Revillame. It appears that the Chairman of ABS-CBN will eventually give in to Revillame. What else does “our talks are confidential at this point” mean? Nothing short of he is making oodles and oodles of cash for ABS, and he is just waiting for time to pass and people to forget before he takes the star back. Anything for money. So here goes ABS-CBN claimed that made a profit of about 2 billion pesos through commercials. When you are challenged openly, in front of millions, and you give in to that person, there is only one reason. Money. There is a law somewhere which the NTC (National Telecom Commission ) or Department of Transportation and Communication is not enforcing. And that is putting limits on the time allowed for commercials for every hour of broadcasting a show. The violation of this law is very obvious when a TV station broadcasts boxing matches. That is when they play about fifteen commercials for every two minutes or less even of the fight. People get quite pissed off about this but are helpless because the government agency in charge probably gets a piece of the action. Is there a better reason? No. So to make two billion pesos in half a year or so, just imagine how many minutes of actual show time you watch, and compare it to the the real time they used to supposedly advertise the ten o’clock news. The ten o’clock news was shown at eleven or so, so you can just imagine how many commercials were played in an hour of any show you watch. Wait for channel five to start picking up speed. then you will see the same modus operandi at play. Right now they are trailing at a distant third or fourth TV station. But if they start choosing good shows, they will start playing the ABS-CBN game. Try watching the ABS-CBN new at 6:30. First, it won’t be at 6:30, and then it will take you a long time to catch the news. They are playing the game smartly, advertising news then waiting for the end of the news before they actually show it. And by then, you will have probably decided to read the papers the next day. Which is probably the time the news will show that segment. So you see how easy it is to make two billion through ads? Just keep showing them every two minutes, and show ten at a time. You will be a billionaire in no time. Even cable TV, which you subscribe to to get away from commercials has commercials. Are they breaking the law? Yes, but that’s how they make their money, so good luck to those with bonuses of 16 months per year. But remember how you earned it, ok?


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