Smartmatic TIM – we told you so!

May 21, 2010

Apparently, Teddy Boy Locsin summed it all up when he called the Smartmatic guys sons of bitches. At least he is accurate. Which is putting bluntly what we have been saying in this blog since even before the elections started. Minus the expletives.
But it will take more than that to get through to these sons of bitches. Their skin is so thick they can’t tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong…
At any rate, where we left off, or rather, we started was what Gloria did since the onset to torpedo the elections and hope that most of her cronies, with their guns, goons and gold would survive this “automated” election. She appointed someone with practically no knowledge of the IT world on purpose, with instructions to just go along with whatever it was that Smartmatic-TIM said. And so the foundation for a failure of automated elections was laid. Here is where we left off last night.
To begin with, we asked what Chairman Melo knew about matters IT. Like what is a kilobyte? Or, what is a USB port? Maybe a more simple one. What does the term PC mean? Even simpler. Mr. Chairman, what does IT mean? If he does not know now he will never know. Obviously he never knew, then how in the world did he get appointed to be the Chairman of a Commission of Elections that was about to launch the country’s first digital or automated elections.
Obviously, something was afoot. (Thanks, Sherlock) What qualified him to OVERSEE Smartmatic-TIM, which did nothing but run circles around him? All the COMELEC had was one highly visible staff, namely James Jimenez, who figured his job was to defend Smartmatic. I guess his own IT team at the Comelec had to toe the line as well. I strongly suggest his bank account, his wife’s (if married) bank account be checked because his actuations were too biased towards Smartmatic-TIM and AGAINST the FILIPINO people. He hung out with the Smartmatic snake oil salesmen, who said all the right words to convince Melo that they were doing the right thing. Melo never said NO. But how in heaven’s name could Melo ask any intelligent or IT related questions if he is ignorant on matters IT? It was probably Gloria who put Melo where he is. Her wicked and sly thinking knew exactly what was going to happen, and this is what she wreaked upon the Filipino people. Instead of a committee, composed of IT people from the academe, private and the education sector, she chose a man old enough to be a great grandfather. Old enough not to be familiar with the digital age, but young enough to take her calls. If anybody says that during the pre- and during the election period, that Gloria did not call Puno, for whatsoever reason, that person is full of sh**. Gloria was all over this election. Old hands at the election game knew that. She had to manipulate things so that 1) her “candidates” would win. 2) That her enemies would lose.
Why? C’mon, thats a no-brainer. She is now getting ready for the fight of her life. In the same manner that she tried to clear two Ampatuans, who ruthlessly milled 57 people, mostly women and 30 journalists, something even Marcos never dared to do, she is now going to try to get herself out of all the trouble she got into, and she has probably committed more crimes against the People of the Republic than even the fake hero, F. Marcos, did in his twenty committed. Except maybe for the body count. Marcos was damn good at making people disappear. Thousands upon thousands. His kids? Ask people who are about 50 -55 about the UP years of his daughter. Ask about how people would be arrested sans warrants and be made to disappear with a wave of his magic wand. Heck, ask the President-elect for crying out loud. Back to Gloria. Proof of this is again a no-brainer. If she is not guilty, then why did she position her allies in the military in the highest of Commands months before she was to step down. How did the PMA Class of 78 suddenly overtake the careers of the Class of 77. Another is why she had to make another midnight appointment, that of installing her advisor and making him the Chief Justice, in the same manner all the Justices in our Supreme Court are her appointees. Shame. We all are aware of the Filipino trait of “utang ng loob”. Well, we shall all see that come to play when Aquino starts his hundred days and we will also see whether he will be a President or a president. Know what I mean? I pray he will be the former. I hope he can fight off the pressure exerted by the resurrected Kamaganak Inc., because that group, which include uncles and aunts, can always give him a call. They are close to him and they are already fighting for more turf. Just read a few more columnists, as the attacks against anyone or any group, NGO or not, is being demolished by these supporters of Kamaganak Inc.. Like I said, We shall see in the near, near future if he knows how to return favors, or if he does favors. I do not mean to sound negative at this point, but we need to face reality. We either go uphill from here, or downhill even more. Many elected Noynoy with Ninoy and Cory in mind.
Kamaganak Inc. can do Gloria favors as well as anyone else. It would be nice if that group was there to ensure that bridge are built, more teachers are trained properly, and that the number of schools we have double. But the past Kamaganak Inc. is just like Smartmatic-TIM. In it for the money, and doing it at any expense to the Filipino people because they want to move fast and get this over with. So there were lies, lies and more lies. Greed and power are very hard to resist. We all saw that in all it’s shining glory with Gloria and her million peso dinners. She was evil enough to release a man who killed two young sons of his political enemy in broad daylight. And that was the result of his wife hanging around with Gloria long enough to become one of Gloria’s Blue Ladies, with her sole mission to one day be able to ask Gloria to release her murderer husband. Or Green Ladies. Or Pink Ladies. Doesn’t matter, the point is that that killer is out to kill some more, and another man was freed to be out to rape some more children. That was Gloria at her shining best.
At any rate, let us say that Gloria takes a back seat to Smartmatic-TIM for the moment. It is hoped that in the same manner that Mayor Lim is demolishing the Barangay office in the middle of the road, built there as a favor of Atienza to a “loyal” follower. The arrogance remains. Say Lim is destroying the Barangay Hall because of political reasons, it is because the Hall is in the street proper, and the second floor became the residence of the Barangay Chairman. Good grief. What favors did Atienza do to people when he was DENR Secretary? I shudder to think. Where are we taking this country? We look like some country in Africa, some government employees behave like barbarians, and many from up to down are all out to steal from the government’s coffers as quickly as they can. And now with Gloria’s pretty boys all sitting happily in the Supreme Court, it may take a Bangkok scenario to clean up this country. Jologs has now become something else. It’s new meaning still means the same thing. It seemed to have less bite these days though. Look at the Thai jolts, wo tried to burn Bangkok down. So the question is whether the Filipino people understand that the elections were not just for a day, but that we all need to keep doing what we can to work towards progress. A few hours in May 10 does not mean our work is done. That is one of my pet peeves with this country. That of our habit of looking for someone else to pass the work to. Someone to lead us, to bring us out of poverty, build infrastructures, unite the people, educate the children, handle the economic reforms, but do it alone. We then sit back and become Monday night quarterbacks, quick to criticize, make chismis, but NOT get involved. And that is precisely why groups like the Kamaganak Inc. exists. We do nothing but watch. We do not get involved, except for that one day in May every six years then leave it up to whoever we voted for to fix all the problems alone. When do we learn that it takes all of us working together to get the country to move forward. We cannot sit still, watch the news and make plans to move to Australia, or Canada. The Filipinos working their asses off in Dubai, Saudi, etc are not there because they are not on a vacation. It is because we did NOT do our share to do something about the situation to change present conditions and make jobs available for them. Ironic, how other countries are moving up fast with a Filipino workforce. Heck, at least Pacquiao is going to the University of the Philippines to learn about what a congressman does. That is the good news. The bad news is that he will do it for just a frigging week. Can somebody tell him that a college course usually takes four years, and that lawyers need to study for years and years. He has the right attitude and is taking his role as a new congressman seriously. Maybe he can be the sergeant-of-arms and punch out Gloria’s cronies when they begin to screw up the Congress. That should work. I am sure they can all afford to buy new sets of teeth anyway. At any rate, it looks like the koala bear is Gloria in disguise, her last futile attempt of torpedo the elections. And the loudest complaints about election cheating are the Gloria people who thought they were sure winners. Too bad they misread the people’s anger towards this lady. But she will be back with a vengeance. She has the money to do it. She has her military friends. She has all the people she made rich, so rich that they will not be able to enjoy all that money. But they will continue to steal until they are taught a lesson, I guess. It’s too bad we may never see that day. But we have a choice. We can say no to her.


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