Risa Hontiveros still has a chance. So does Mar. Ain’t over till the Fat lady sings.

May 17, 2010

There is still a chance that Risa may win. Lets hope she does.
Her record at Congress showed that she has more guts than 90%
than most of the members of the Lower House. It should be
called the Lowest House, given the way they are all hanging on
to La Glorietta’s skirt. oops she doesn’t wear a skirt. I
forgot who wears the pants in that family. She is getting quite
wide, though. No disguising that.

Unbelievable! Corona actually took his oath!! WE ARE DOOMED !!
So many years serving Glorietta, and is now defending himself
before media, telling all that he owns his job. So much for an
open-minded Chief Justice. We are doomed for sure. Gloria gets
off all her offenses with this puppet sitting there.

Sadly, the Governor -elect of Quezon just dropped from the sky in
a chopper. Poor guy. There were no survivors.

Of all the comedy shows on air, the funniest show on air is watching
the actors-turned politicians make speeches. Wonder of they know where-
of they speak?

The planet Venus showed up over the moon last night at about seven.
The pictures taken are awesome. Probably once in a lifetime event.

Fortuner blows a tire in the skyway, and turns turle a few times before
stopping. The air bags did not function. Confirmed dead are a lady
and three kids. That’s the problem with tall 4×4’s. They tend to flip
over rather easily. Our prayers go to the family.


One Response to “Risa Hontiveros still has a chance. So does Mar. Ain’t over till the Fat lady sings.”

  1. zipppo Says:

    The President-Elect’s position on the Corona issue is very dangerous. The Supreme Court has already ruled WITH FINALITY that President Arroyo has the power to appoint the Chief Justice to replace the Hon. Reynante Puno.

    The Supreme Court is the final arbiter on constitutional issues. So whether or not somebody agrees with a decision handed down by the Supreme Court, once a decision becomes final and executory, that decision becomes part of the law of the land.

    The President-Elect’s refusal to recognize this may lead to a constitutional crisis.

    Moreover, it’s quite evident that the two (2) people around the President-Elect who are the loudest advocates of the hard-ball tact on the Corona appointment — namely former Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz and former Solicitor General Simeon Marcelo, are doing so because of vested personal interests.

    It is obvious that Cruz and Marcelo are vocal against the Corona appointment only because they want to see Justice Antonio Carpio — the founder of their Law Office (Carpio, Villaraza, and Cruz; now known as Villaraza, Cruz, Marcelo, and Angangco), to be chosen Chief Justice instead of Corona.

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