Gloria Pulls a Garcia, who appointed 350 people the night he left the Palace. What a jerk.

May 15, 2010

You really can’t stop evil. Not unless the people speak out and fight it. As she is on her last few weeks, GMA has decided to make her manicurist a Board Member of Pag-Ibig, her gardener a board member of another position. She is spitting on the Filipino, insulting our intelligence, and making fun of the law.
We hope that she will be assigned two security aides, as normally done to FORMER Presidents, much less former NON-President. Anymore will be giving her special treatment, which is unfair, considering she had two thousand when she was president. Boo to you, the most corrupt and graft-ridden promoter of the Philippines, worst than Marcos, and flaunting it like Imelda. She sucks. Period.

Here is Solita Monsod’s column for today. It speaks of what her fathers rival did. Her father had delicadeza. She does not know the meaning of the word.
It is obvious that she wants to be the most hated president this country ever had. Just check the polls. All her closest aides lost in the elections, and if she does not take a hint from that, I don’t know what will. It is quite possible that she cannot understand these things, as megalomania clouds the mind severely.

Get Real
GMA in the footsteps of her father’s rival
By Solita Collas-Monsod
Philippine Daily Inquirer

ANY HOPE THAT HISTORY WILL TREAT GLOria Macapagal-Arroyo kindly has suffered another setback by her act of appointing a new chief justice of the Supreme Court one-and-a-half months before she leaves office. A chief justice who will be holding office for eight years, thus being in situ, so to speak, during the entire period of her successor’s term, thus depriving President-elect Noynoy Aquino the opportunity to make arguably one of the most important appointments of his administration—the head of the third branch of government. If that isn’t an act of malice on her part, it is at least one of the pettiest—unworthy of a president.

One would think that it would have been enough of a victory for her that the Supreme Court decided in her favor that she indeed had the right to make midnight appointments. That this decision flew in the face of reason and the Constitution, that it was excoriated by legal luminaries and law school deans, that mental gymnastics had to be performed in order to justify the same; that while she could not make midnight appointments to the rest of the judiciary or to the constitutional commissions, she could, by heavens, make appointments to the Supreme Court, these should have been also enough to give her pause. Having won her point, she had nothing to lose (she already has 14 appointees to the Court), and everything to gain, by being gracious, humble, magnanimous in victory, and by allowing her successor every chance to organize his own team, or at least choose his own poison, as it were.

But no. She could appoint, and she would appoint. She seems to want to exact every last ounce of blood from her opponents and critics, and damn the country, damn history, damn delicadeza. Damn also that she was going against what was effectively her father’s stand on the issue when he became president of the Philippines. Diosdado Macapagal succeeded President Carlos Garcia, whose midnight appointments may arguably take the cake for chutzpah. Garcia reportedly signed 350 appointments on his penultimate day in office. President Macapagal voided all the appointments, was haled to court, and won in most of the cases. (Interested readers might want to look at the Aytona v Castillo case.) It is ironic that Ms Arroyo is now doing a Carlos Garcia. She has said that she would rather be right than be popular. Except in this case, she is not only not popular, she is not right either.

So Ms Arroyo is indeed ramming Supreme Court Justice Corona down President-elect Aquino’s throat. And to make matters worse, Corona knows it, but is a willing accomplice anyway. Unlike his colleagues, the cousins Carpio, who refused to be nominated for the position because they did not believe that Ms Arroyo had the right to make the appointment in the first place. And unlike Chief Justice Manuel Moran, the first chief justice of the Supreme Court after World War II. He retired after six years (at the age of 58) and served as first Philippine ambassador to Spain and the Vatican. Even as it was his greatest desire to get back on the Court, albeit as associate justice, he still turned down his interim appointment tendered by President Quirino after the latter lost the election to Ramon Magsaysay. Now that was a class act.

It would make the situation more palatable, one supposes, if Corona were indeed made of chief justice stuff. But his performance as a justice has been characterized by legal scholars as mediocre. Critics say that he appears to have stopped his “continuing legal education” when he became a justice of the Court.

All this does not augur well for the country. Nor does a possible Noynoy-Binay tandem, if the likes of Triccie and Louie Sison are to be believed (and I consider them to be very principled). Triccie texted me thusly: “Hi Winnie i am so incensed at dat news article of PDI by Fe Zamora abt me & louie as part of dat cabal that supported Noy Binay. That’s farthest frm d truth. Louie and I voted 4 Mar&supported him fr d very beginning! In fact I only heard abt d NoyBi campaign a few wks ago. I nevr believd in this plan to veer frm d Noy-Mar team. I beliv it to b a form of treachery not only to d cause of Noy-Mar but to d cause of a national effort to establish a govt based on honesty integrity & decency which we beliv that Noy & Mar is all abt. I also beliv dis kind of deviatn frm d real plan to bring Noy & Mar to victory is NOT GOOD 4 NOY. Its going to make him look bad! It wudseem lyk were not united again! Wat a farce & monumental fiasco that wud be. In fact we hav bn praying masses rosaries & Bl Sacarement visits to implore God to make Mar win! And we continue to do so. This is a most malicious smear on our gud name. And we resent it & vehemently object to this evil attempt 2 destroy our name and reputatn….” Slightly hysterical, but definitely sincere. Amen.

And speaking of Noynoy’s Cabinet appointments, Harvey Keh texted me and suggested the name of Mayor Jesse Robredo as interior secretary. Now that is an inspired suggestion. Jesse Robredo’s track record and reputation are of the highest. Nothing mediocre about him, so I second the motion.

Given the overwhelming mandate, and trust, bestowed on him by the people, Noynoy has to work doubly hard now, and get no one but the best, brightest and cleanest—not to mention induplicitous—if he is to deliver on his campaign promises of good governance. Tall order. But needs must.


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