People Power barricade Smartmatic man who took 60 PCOS machines home

May 13, 2010

Who said crime pays? Despite the faster than lightning manner by which Smartmatic defended their technician who illegally took 60 PCOS machines home, residents of the barangay in Antipolo where he resides blockaded him and his residents, not allowing anyone to go near the 60 machines until the machines were inspected to ensure they were not used to cheat. What Smartmatic did by immediately jumping to his defense without even conducting an investigation makes the whole scene even more fishy than ever. Why is Cesar Flores of Smartmatic so quick to defend his man?
As they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. And that Fat Lady may just be our very own Imelda.

What is really incredible is how much Smartmatic is getting away with, and considering they only started to really get their work done started only about a week before the actual elections. The question now is, how many were cheated and how?


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