Felipe De Leon Smartmatic Technician Takes Home 65 PCOS Machines

May 13, 2010

Felipe De Leon is a Smartmatic-TIM PCOS Machine technician. His name emerge at certain numbers of national television and online news websites after authorities found out 65 Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines being stored at his own house.

Felipe de Leon said that he was told by his hiring agency, Placewell Placement Agency that he must turnover the voting machines to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) after the electronic transmission of votes.

Now, with this news, we can’t blame people, supporters and even politicians to claim that there is something really fishy going on with the 1st Philippines automated election.

Felipe De Leon, the Smartmatic-TIM PCOS Machine technician do have many things or questions to answer. He is now being investigated. People of the Philippines should really know what happened and what the heck those PCOS Machine is doing at his own house.

Felipe De Leon Smartmatic Technician Takes Home 65 PCOS Machines

There are also reports that the said machines do have this capability or connection to transmit some election data straight to the PCOS machine servers. For the PCOS Machine flash cards, still there are no reports about the possession of it.

Stay tuned for updates.



2 Responses to “Felipe De Leon Smartmatic Technician Takes Home 65 PCOS Machines”

  1. moira Says:

    seems more like a bunch of sore losers are trying to stir up controversy.

  2. Arwin Canlas Says:

    Im the Provincial CCS technician here in Palawan this Automation election event. I am symphatizing with Felipe De Leon. Me too maybe have the same experience on putting the Kit in our own house but its later delivered on Comelec. There is many possible answer on that.

    1. No safe room on leaving the kits in canvassing center.
    2. No private or government personnel accepting the responsibility and safekeeping or handling the machines.
    3. No budget for miscelleaneous fee.
    4. No other choice except for home since we Pcos/ CCs technician are the one accept the delivery of this machine so that its our own responsibility.
    5. The people running the issued has a corrupted mind.

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