La Salle Taft. Robbers wearing Robes? There Oughta Be a Law

May 11, 2010

I hope newly installed Mayor Lim conducts an investigation on LA SALLE TAFT.
First, they installed a trimester system, which means they charge you a minimum then add several thousand per subject. This they do three times a year. Then, they only accepted students to register on only ONE day out of 365 days of the year. Not a week, not two days, but one. ALL the students who were enrolling had to enroll on that day and only on that day. So what happens if the student is ill or you are on vacation? You have to fly back or go there sick or not, as they will NOT accept you before OR after that single day of registration. So imagine hundreds of kids waiting in line, with their folks, as La Salle will not accept Credit Cards. On that one day, you either pay cash or with a check, which is the same as cash. Considering the amount of money you are giving them, you get rather rude treatment from their security guards. We even saw one guard carrying a 9mm gun with .38 Special ammo for extra ammunition. DUH. This, to guard the millions they get one that day! But then, you have to do this two more times in ONE year. Because La Salle Taft will only accept enrollment on one specific date. And they charge you cash only. For what reason only they know. It is highway robbery, of course, nothing less. But apparently that is the La Salle way. What an example to show students. For the money, you think you will at leat be treated a bit more politely, but their guards are probably ex-Ampatuan supporters, considering the rude, crass way they treat people. Security is my field, so I know what a guard’s role should be and they sure don’t make the grade. They dont walk, they swagger, holding their guns as if you were about to rob them, and when you ask a question, you first get an irate stare, then a scowl, as if you were so stupid you had to bother them. I really regret placing my son there, but it was his choice. I hope their professors are more polite than the guards and the cashiers, who look at you as if you owed them a favor, and not giving them your hard-earned cash. What a way to greet new students. Now I know how the Israelites felt like under the Pharaohs. Maybe the administrators of that school should give a seminar on good conduct and right manners. For the money they are making, as parents of their students, I believe we deserve a little bit more respect and proper treatment. Be it a Trimester or a two semester system, as paying clients, we are entitled to at least some polite treatment from their staff. For all the money they make, you would think that the bathrooms, commonly called “CR”s for Comfort Rooms. Well, let me tell you, there was no comfort at all in that stinkhole. To top it all, as if taking your cash for tuition was not enough, if you needed toilet paper, you had to BUY it!! They have machines in their rest rooms that dispose a couple of strands of tissue for a few pesos. The rip you off even in the toilets! Poor La Salle, imagine, if they put toilet paper in their rest rooms, they may go bankrupt! Tsk, tsk. I wonder what kind of education my son will get. I wonder if he will get a failing grade because of this rant as well. I just hope his classroom smells better than their “Comfort Rooms”.
Let them try.


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