Revillame and Neanderthals

May 7, 2010

Revillame’s open challenge to ABS-CBN will show us what ABS will stand for. What is right, or what earns them money. Having a show where a monkey makes fun of people with IQ’s a bit low should not have been allowed to begin with. Some of these people may develop complexes and traumas, all of which is done to earn the monkey his million pesos a day. We are making a fearless forecast when we say that Revillame will be back n the show after he is done campaigning for Villar. But come to think of it, he is only aping the president, who has been making fools out of us for the last nine years and wants to continue to do so as the future Prime Minister. All of this shows that in this poor third world country, money, goons and gold rule. Oh, and people who allow themselves to be treated this way.


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