Thai Observer Points Out Lack of Secrecy During Voting Demo

May 6, 2010

While demonstrating to the foreign press and Observers who are here to watch the May 10 Elections, where they used a machine that they chose specifically because they tuned it so finely so that it would work, and not picked one out of the many so that the test would e truly at random, The Venezuelan Ass showed off to our guests how well their machine (just that single one) worked. Not too fast, Bozo. The Smartass from Smartmatic could not reply when the Thai representative for free elections pointed out the lack of privacy. He of course, said it wouldd be fixed, a brazen lie, because it is too late. What is he, stupid or high on stuff he bought in Colombia? If they can’t even fix the present problems, how are they going to manage this? Simple. By lying. He once again lied, and said that these were going to be done. This guys name should be in the immigration watchlist, because come Monday, he will fly away for sure. Melo will not need to run away. His fault lies in his ignorance of IT Matters. But the Smartmatic, having been paid(?) will have no reason to stick around for the riots after they screwed up our elections. They will have split the dough with their local partners in crime by now. That’s more than 7 Billion of our money gone to hell. These snake charmers came here, and despite our having announced that Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, where these jerks are from, himself banned the company Smartmatic’s HQ for corruption. But no one, especially in the Comelec, bothered to look into this. Today, we find ourselves with thousand and thousand of precincts lacking the “automated” machinery because their late testing came only less than a week prior to elections,when they should have come in and tested a month ago. Now the great game of catch-up and poor Melo thinks all is well. Unfortunately, if he listens to the techies of NAMFREL, he will know firsthand how cheating can be done. Give them a chance, Mellow Melo, and know that all is not well. Remember too, that your name will go down in history as the guy who let all this happen. By the way, according to the Commission of Human Rights this is a sacred duty of the Filipino, and those responsible for the failure of these elections can go to jail for up to life. Right now, I already have about three or four Comelec staff who should already be arrested together with one foreigner who has made a laughing stock out of us Filipinos. Why wait for the people to hit the streets? And what is Gloria’s role in all this? After all, she wants to be Prime Minister, something she might not be able to do without her “manok”, Villar. Let’s let it all out. We aren’t all that stupid, you know.


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