Preparing for “Crowd Control” or a Massacre?

May 6, 2010

Considering the fact that all the so-called private armies in Metro Manila are under the control of Gloria’s people, why did the AFP add 2,300 soldiers to be deployed within Metro Manila? There are more than a hundred private armies outside Manila, from the North to the South. Yet they chose to install an additional 2,300 in Manila. WHY? All the people with motorcycle escorts and two back up cars are all Gloria’s people. And no one is stopping them to inspect their assault rifles and pistols for Comelec clearances. All they need do is name drop and they even get a snappy salute from the policemen who made the grave mistake of trying to wave them down. So if all the big shots have all the guns, and all the private armies are outside Metro Manila, what was the reason for adding more than 2,00 troops to Metro Manila. Exactly what is Gloria scared of? Honestly, only someone who fears something will add another 2,300 to her already 2,00 strong Presidential Guards.

Only fear can cause that type of reaction. FEAR. Fear of the people’s anger, and fear of how they mismanaged the
Smartmatic arrangement will probably make them bring even more tanks around the Metro as well. Why? Because they fear what the people will do after Gloria plays out her cards as election day comes and goes. Apparently, their plans to “manage” this election backfired, and the citizens of the Republic may not be not taking this one sitting down. She looked for this, and now has to answer for it. She wants to be president for life? Then maybe she can go and buy Palau. Then see if she can fool the people who belong there. Because Filipinos are getting quite sick and tired of this woman, her shrillvoice and not being able to see her in a crowd. I guess there is only one reply to what she is planning to do come election day and the days after. And those words are “try it”.


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