It is kinda obvious that COMELEC is not too eager to make this election work

May 4, 2010

From the beginning, to the time the contract to make the machines to make the machines in China, to the tests that resulted in non-working machines, it is quite obvious that the Comelec and it’s one and only techie, a certain James Jimenez, ha been pulling the wool over our eyes.
For instance, does the Comelec Chief Melo know what a simple term like HTML means? Is it possible that he does not know what a router is? How about a server? If these simple terms, known to kids in high school and students of the most basic Internet classes are not known to
the Comelec head, then his ignorance will result in a NO-EL, which will be revealed even by lunchtime during Election day. Taguig, for example, tested their PCOS machines, all four of them, and all four did not work. What will the punishment be for this crime of the Comelec? Probably nothing. But to force automated elections in a country where the Head the the Election Commission is a crime against the people, as we shall see come May 10, 2010 by two PM. These machines were built not to have an election, but rather, to make money for some government officials. And now we are seeing the result of their greed. To sacrifice the peace
and order of the country in order to make money is akin to the sickness our leaders seem to have- megalomania. Whether the people will be happy about the sacrificing of their right to vote
in order that some officials make a few billion pesos here and there will be a question that most probably answered on May 10, 2010. Whether the Filipino is still going to fall for the same old electoral rackets that rob them of their votes, and allow the Comelec and the government to get away with it is an interesting question. Tayo ba ay magpapaloko muli? Are we going to allow them to fool us again? Well, that is not a tough question. Rather easy. Do we sit back and enjoy it, as if we were fools who never seem to learn, or we going to think of this question:
What would Andres Bonifacio do? We all know Aquinaldo was bought by the Americans and deported himself to HongKong. So he is not a good leader at all. He sold us out, as many of our so-called leaders are doing. But Bonifacio, who could have led a hell of a fight if Aguinaldo, the traitor that he was, did not have him killed by mercenaries in Pampanga. And then what? Well, depends on what history book you read. I tend to lean towards supporting Andres Bonifacio, whose “commandments” truly inspire. I shall look for them and see if I can put them on this blog site. Enough said. To those who allow our country to be ruined by these corrupt politicians, deal with it, and eplain to your shildren why you sat back and did nothing while our
country crumbled. In the meantime, the other citizens, who want a better country for their children, will know what to do, will do exactly that. Cardinal Rosales is another poor old man, blinded by his own nose, which blocks his face. If he does not wake up, then he is no different than those other priests.
The bottom line is that these PCOS machines do not work, and that our elections are in peril.
The good thing is that we still have a chance to defend ourselves. Yet despite the probablities
of Martial Laaw being declared, of a military takeover, of course these will and an happen. IF WE LET THESE THINGS HAPPEN. IF WE ALLOW THEM TO HAPPEN. OTHERWISE, IT IS UP TO US, AND


One Response to “It is kinda obvious that COMELEC is not too eager to make this election work”

  1. barkingdogamato Says:

    So has anyone given any thought to what will happen to the Philippine economy if this election fails (stolen)? Investments, jobs, OFW’s? Stability and security?

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