Ateneo’s Board of Trustees All accepted a non-resignation

April 28, 2010

In their eagerness to show support for one of Ateneo’s biggest financial supporters, the Ateneo President and Board of Trustees simultaneously voted not to accept the note that Manny Pangilinan  sent after it was revealed that his speech was nothing but a bunch of “borrowed ” and plagiarized words that he deemed a speech to the 2010 Commencement exercise.  What was even more shocking was that the Class of 2010 came up with a letter full of praise and nothing but salutations to his chracter. Yes, all this to someone who had just given them a speech full of phrases lifted from speeches of various American modern day popular personalities.   They found nothing wrong with this and instead would have probably given him a standing ovation.  It was only when the public came out with various complaints and about 100 faculty and staff members of the Ateneo got together and complained that the Ateneo Board and Fr Nebres quickly retreated from their decision to toss Pangilinan’s “non-resignation: into the garbage can. They finally saw the real gravity of the situation and how they had to stop protecting one man in exchange for the schools’
name and standing in the community.  Question now is what about them and their lopsided judgment? It seems that they are walking away from this without even bothering to apologize to the Ateneo staff and faculty as well as the alumni and students for their horrendous blunder.  Horror of horrors. Well,  like MVP, they seem to be above it all.

.  Here is more on the topic:

PLAGIARISM  : Noun. The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as their own. From the Latin term “Plagiarus”- kidnapping.

Part I  Loren Legarda’s kid was deprived of one point so his grade would make the honor roll. Ateneo held out against Loren. Why is it that when it comes to someone who pours money into Ateneo, they bend the rules? Now the Class of 2010 who heard the plagiarized speech issued a statement encouraging MVP, thereby endorsing PLAGIARISM. I PROTEST TO THIS DOUBLE STANDARD. Ateneo BULOK!

Part II   ATENEO BULOK !! Konting pera lang wala nang tama o mali, tama bigla lahat. The world knows about the big-time PLAGIARIST. Try Googling it. It’s so obvious yet Ateneo chooses to retain the PLAGIARIST, probably even waiting to give him a medal. That is the Ateneo of NOW, Not the Ateneo of before. Salamat, Fr. Nebres!! Wala na bang hiya ang ATENEO sa mundo? O pera, pera at pera lang ba ang kapalit ng lahat?  And I thought you were a Jesuit!! Sorry, my mistake.

From Mike Reidenbach HS Class ’72  To the Board: Assuming you sold your souls to the devil, approximately how much is a soul worth these days? We need guidance from our educators in the matter of how much we should sell our souls to the devil for.  How much does integrity going for these days. We know how  cheap this country is, but we did not realize how cheap our Ateneo Board was.

Ateneo Alumni or even non-Ateneo Alumni:  Email Ateneo or your classmates with  your personal comments on the PLAGIARISM matter. CC Us if you wish.  This is a matter that involves not only the Ateneo but all schools, for PLAGIARISM is universal, and though we seemingly have a monopoly on it, as espoused by our Board of Trustees Chairman, this doesn’t mean other schools are immune from it. But please do not think as the VBBoard wants you to think. That as long as you say sorry, you are allowed to PLAGIARIZE any one you want.
I am devoting a website paid by honest money not by Manny to air our side. Unlike the Plagiarist, we do not own newspaper columnists, nor do we have massive following in the Ateneo. We are mere graduates of a school that once upon a time stood for what right and whose motto was “A man for other”.  Apparently now it is “A Man stealing from Others”. To class 2010, you have my pity. After so many years of Ateneo, you did not learn to discern the meaning of Plagiarism as opposed to a good, clean honest day’s work.  Hopefully your papers were not lifted from the Internet, as so many school kids are wont to do now. You may not realize it now, but forever, you shall be known as the Class of 2010 who cheered on a Plagiarist.
Shame shame, shame on you for not imbibing what the real meaning of what a real Atenean is.  And to anyone, please do not compare this incident and say that Loren Legarda’s was worst than this because of this or that. We aren’t falling for that counter propaganda.  A cheater who got caught and forgiven by the Board means that any student who copies from his classmate also now has the right to be absolved of his crimes. After all, if it is good enough for the Chairman, then it should be good enough for you. We hope you wake up to realize you were taken for a ride, albeit and expensive one. And all you learned from Ateneo was that Plagiarism is allowed by the Board of Trustees.

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