The Lady is a Tramp

April 20, 2010

She is running for Congress in a District of Pampanga. If she wins, talk is that she has an agreement with Villar that from mere Congresswoman, she will be voted by her cohorts in Congress, which she controls, into the seat of Speaker of the House.  The Speaker is third or fourth in line in case something befalls the sitting President.  As Speaker, she can do a lot, including moving to oust the President, if the president is against her, by means of impeachment. As a member of Congress, she also has immunity against the heap of cases filed against her for crimes against the people of the Philippines. She will get away scot free despite all the wrongdoings that are going on. Her latest move suspected to be  behind the release of two of the Ampatuans.  The reason behind this, as people send through texts and blogs, is that the older Ampatuan threatened to expose her cheating in the ARMM and Maguindanao.  In case you want to know how well oiled the Ampatuan machinery is, they were able to get all the votes for her, and if I got my story right, FPJ got zero votes.  Impossible, right? But not for her. Hence the fear of what shall befall us should she get her seat in Congress, and considering she has visited the district whose Congressional seat she is aiming for, and visiting more than 60 times already, it is quite obvious that she will do everything in her power to win.


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