Gloria Ignores PNP Chief Versoza twice

March 23, 2010

Apparently, she can’t get him to follow at her heels and bark when she says bark.   For stating that the 125,000 Philippine Police Force will NOT support a Gloria government in case of failed elections, the President has decided that Versoza is now her enemy.  First of all, he is a member of PMA Class 77, a class above Gloria’s favored Class 78, whose members are occupying most of the more important and strategic positions in the Armed Forces, bypassing the senior PMA classes.  Typical Marcos style. But for the President to publicly humiliate the head of the Phil National Police forces is in very bad taste. She should respect him as he worked his ass through the ranks to earn his stars, and not illegally put himself in that position by using people with names like Garcillano, and JocJoc.  I do not know if Gloria has lost touch with reality, what with playing the role of virtual dictator for almost nine years already.  Maybe she finds it difficult to imagine that she will not be able to order people around, and order other things best not mentioned right now.  Others write that she will be hit with so many lawsuits after her being President, she needs to run as a Congresswoman just to have the immunity public officials have against any lawsuits filed against them such as corruption, influence peddling, outright theft, and feel free to fill in any other crime you wish. She could be liable.
Mike Arroyo, though will only have his now-rich friends to count on.  And how many of them will stick around when he is no longer useful to them?  For such is the way of politics.
We shall see how the people, who the politicians see as idiots whose vote can be won by a mere song and dance. So let us keep in mind people like Willie Revillame, who is using his popularity to influence his fans to vote for VillArroyo.  And those dancers, who don’t realize that they are being prostituted by their boss, Revillame, who sells them and their services for whatever price he wants.
People here as stupid as they think? Let us wait and see. Meanwhile, as the President tries to pry Versoza off his seat as PNP Chief, we should study our options in the event that someone, obviously we know who, tries to steal the next elections.  The Marines have also already stated that they will not take this kind of BS from the Palace sitting down. We shall see.  So far, we have the PNP and the Phil. Marines publicly stating that they are going to make sure this is a no Bull Shit election.  Let us now observe what Ate Glue (sticks like glue, or like a fly to honey, that’s what power does) does to try and stay in power or possible face the Ombudsman.  You have two months, or another 6 years, who knows?  All we know down here is that more people are hungry and that your friends are buying more and more expensive cars.


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