Dulmatin, two BG’s suspected dead

March 10, 2010

The Indonesian  Afghan-trained terrorist, who goes by a single name, Dulmatin, was allegedly killed together with his two bodyguards in Indonesia.  There two ways to see this.  The Philippine Commander who heads the joint troops of the American and Philippine armed forces, who have been hunting down the Abu Sayyaf Group, claims that it was a success because it meant that the American and Philippine forces were “driving” the more vicious terrorists away, but there is another angle to this that should not be overlooked.  This is the angle that the Indonesian terror groups, backed by some Abu Sayyaf  members could be merely gathering their forces in Indonesia in order to welcome US President Obama’s visit to Indonesia with a bang.  The exact date of Obama’s  visit is still unknown.  This is partially because this could be one of the Secret Service’s most challenging sorties.  This angle, that Obama may be greeted with quite a surprise on this trip is being treated quite seriously. It actually makes more sense  to assume that Obama’s visit is what is bringing over the terrorists to Indonesia from the Philippines- to plan a welcome for Obama rather than the effectiveness of the joint US-RP’s Armed Forces that is making them gather in Indonesia them away from the Philippines.  However you look at it, they still have to confirm that it is indeed Dulmatin that was killed and not some other person.  It makes sense for the Abu Sayyaf and the Indonesian terrorists to get together in Indonesia, whose Armed Forces are not seen in too good a light by the Democrats in Washington, a fact which will make it difficult for them to acquire newer and better arms and other materiel from the Americans due to their bad human rights record.  You can trace this all the way back to General Wiranto, who was ruthless in the manner that he hacked and tortured the East Timorese when East Timor was about to go independent. After a show of brutality like that, how can Indonesia now prove to the Americans, especially the Democrats, who are presently sitting in power over at Washington that they can give them new weapons?  Big doubt there. The most Indonesia’s leader will get out of this visit of Obama might be a photo op.  After Indonesia, Obama plans to fly to Australia.  What is rather glaring is his bypassing of the country where his own troops are fighting and living, the Philippines.  Arroyo’s bad record with Obama’s administration is an example of how the rest of the world sees her>


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