The Catholic Church and the slow death of a nation.

March 4, 2010

Re this article, I guess that since I am the only person among people I picked at random to comment on this announcement about birth control, here goes.
I guess that as long as the Bishops PROMISE to pay for the FOOD , tuition fees, and allowances for the incredible number of large families that this country has, most of whom are under the poverty line, then this demand of their’s stands a chance of getting somewhere. After all, since they insist on NO BIRTH CONTROL, then they have to answer for the average of four to eight kids per family, especially among the poor, who can barely afford to feed three square meals per day for their large families, something this antiquated and 1500’s inspired church commands, which they have been doing for so long that they have neglected to speak of the priest-pedophiles, the priest drunks, and the priest womanizers, who themselves follow the church’s non-existent family birth control movement. It would be good for them to set an example after they explain how the priests-pedophiles who have ruined dozens, if not hundreds, of abused boys in the USA. The church there is losing out to more modern pastors, who are quite practical and truly help their parishioners, of church going members.

Back in this third world country, the victims of the pedophile priests, go and have to cope with the after effects of their being abused for the rest of their lives, while the guilty priests simply get transferred to another parish, which of course just gives them new soon-to-be victims. It would be alright if they played fair, which they do not, and spend their time dictating to the poor people how to live their lives but without explaining how to go about doing it financially.
It would be more responsible of them to give support to the poor with maybe six children or more, instead of turning it into a number of children contest, without explaining to the poor exactly where to get the money they need to feed the children the church dictates them to have.  Sadly, they go by the norm of “those who can’t do, teach” category, and don’t care about the poor as long as they have as many children as they can have.  They never go hungry, if you notices, their cars are not old, and their living quarters more than adequate. So it is very easy for them to lecture and make their must-do orders for Catholics to follow. Maybe if they actually lived with a poor family of eight, they will change their minds. Maybe if they starved themselves for three days, they would feel what out poor feel everyday. Even the government can’t seem to get their programs off the ground, as these are shot down by threats of a hot stay at hell if they disobey. Besides the money for the poor goes to rich. PLDT had a 15% profit they announes. If the gave even 5% they could have fed a lot of families. But that’s not how to play the capitalist game. The same people who made them get that 15% don’t get anything inreturn. Their loads jst vanish. Thats how 15% appears. By making people who buy loads make their loads vanish into thin air. Enough of that.  PLDT is Great, Fantastic, Amazing. You go figure that out and you know what I am really saying, OK?

Do the pedo-priests get a dose of hell? Yes, but not now. They need to pass on first, then they realize OOPS.  Mistake pala. But it will be too late then, and they will join the ranks of our great politicians in the gates of hell as they wait for their turn in the cooker.  Obviously the fprmer Catholic and other enlightened former members, like that dude Pastor Quiloloy form Davao, who boasts of a six-million person following, enough of a following to get the politicians knocking on their doors, and what does a pastor know about politics? It shows you that six million could have left the Catholic church, that’s what it means, basically. As soon as a priest does good, like ex- Father Panlilio, formerly of Pampanga, who in one month collected the equivalent of what took the former Gov. Lapid to collect in six years. Amazing? Yes but sadly quite true. Well after all his work, GMA in all her brilliance, with brains goiven to her ironically bu our God, got rid of him, got him fired.  Then the great Ms Padaca, whom Gloria also had in her sights till it was time for her to exert her very well-oiled political machinery to get her out of the way, got HER fired. What did we do?  Nothing.  Now Gloria has dumped her chosen one, Mr. Teodoro in favor of Manny  “C-5” Villar, who will use the very same template that GMA has been using for the past NINE YEARS to rob us blind as bats.  Never fear, there is more to come. GMA has done more than 50 visits to that Pampanga district alone, what for I do not know, since cash will easily do the trick. Does that give her the requirement of living there? NO, but who stops her anyway?  But I guess she has to pretend that she is fighting for election, though I doubt if that district will see sight or sound of her after the elections.  Does she have residency?  Or will a mansion suffice? They would have served their purpose and will be as useless to her as an old t-shirt. As the movie of Charlie Bronson, said, “The Evil that Men Do.” We should also have,  “The Evil That Women Do”,  a saying that will serve it’s purpose better included in the national flag than anywhere else, so it may serve to remind us of what we allowed to happen to this country for the past nine years or so.  Can you imagine what a Gloria-Villar tandem will do to the national treasury?  I leave that to your individual imaginations.We allowed it, so it’s not her fault. We allowed all that, the same way we are allowing the killing of Boy Mayor, who snitched on a powerful relative some years back.  Hell.  Literally, thanks to our Energy Wizards, who announced this week that they will now address the Black-Out problems, not months ago, when it was announced that it was coming, but on the day of the actual brownout!!  Fantastic foresight. They must be commended for that., No.  They should be awarded the Sikatuna Award.  For forward thinking.  We don’t have to go to hell. It will be here shortly.  Both literally and figuratively.


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