Absent Government Policy Leads to loss of fingers, etc….

January 2, 2010

These are some news article first-liners, or titles:
“Philippine government appeals against firecracker use at New Year
From Earthtimes (press release)
By : dpa Manila – “The Philippines’ health department Thursday issued a
 last-minute appeal for Filipinos to refrain from using firecrackers during
 rowdy New Year Celebrations.”
This is where this government of one should put its foot down. This is where all these expensive lawmakers should earn their keep, instead of waiting for dole-outs from their  Queen Rat.   Instead of waiting for their countrymen to lose fingers, entire hands, sometimes their eyesight, among other things,  a law should already be passed banning the manufacture of these powerful firecrackers.  They have them in all sorts and sizes. The larger, the more powder content they contain.  Mostly kids and teenagers are those who suffer the most from the damage inflicted upon them by weapons grade firecrackers.  Is the Bulacan lobby for the continued operation of the firecracker plants that rich and powerful?  Are they capable of bribing all the Congressmen in exchange for being given the option to inflict a lifetime’s worth of damage on our mostly young and foolish countrymen?
Are they not responsible in some way for creating mini-bombs that can easily blow a whole hand away, and not need to answer to anyone for the harm they have caused?  Has no one ever filed a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturers of these overloaded with gunpowder firecrackers in exchange for the damage done to them?  Who is to blame for the loss of one’s hand, or several digits caused by an overly powerful firecracker?  Of course, the manufacturers will cry “caveat emptor” to the people.  Does that erase the responsibility from them for hurting people because the government, neither the local  nor the national has failed to set strict standards and limit their sale of goods to sparklers and the like?
Have these idiots who make the fireworks not even realized that by assembling these implements of destruction by hand, their handling of gunpowder sans hand protection shall have long-term effects on them?
Is it not ridiculous that a government that declares martial law as a means to control the charges that they will file on the murderers of Maguindanao cannot see the recklessness of the firecracker makers as a threat to the youth who are the primary victims of unsupervised
 manufacture of these vicious ‘crackers for decades now?  Hopefully their kids blow off a few fingers, or a hand maybe. Then maybe, in their anger, they may draft a law and convince the more intelligent House members that firecrackers are dangerous.   Their ignorance about something as simple as safe firecrackers and the of control in the manner by which they are made is dangerous. It means they remain unaware of the bigger problems in this country. Worst, it proves that they are in office to find a way to refresh their bank accounts to make up for what they spent in getting elected and more.
That is the scary part. That they make laws that make money for them and for their Queen, but do not anything much to move the economy or help exporters, or give tax breaks to start up businesses in order to help the economy grow.
  Sadly, ours is an economy of corruption and corrupt officials.  Short sighted?  Yes, they only have a few years to make hay, not laws. So they make laws to make hay.  So downward we sink, as our neighbors like Vietnam rise, and, we were told, it will take us thirty years to catch up to Thailand. Are there corrupt Thais? Yes, corruption is everywhere, from Russia to the USA, but their type of corruption is not as crazy as ours.  They know better. They re-invest in their own country, and make laws to open their economies to foreign money.  Here, the foreigners are made to immediately contribute to the economy.  Just try  asking foreign businessmen what they went through first at the Customs, then trying to get business permits at the proper government offices.  Stupid, shortsighted and selfish officials chase dollars away, or demand incredible cuts/commissions.  Here they don’t steal. They ransack.  These are the real traitors. They are in the news everyday,  pretending to do this and do that, but actually pillaging and robbing from anywhere they can.
 Yes, they should return the death sentence. You know for whom.
For hardly can they hear the bells that toll for them.


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