Smartmatic Banned By Hugo Chavez. What now?

December 21, 2009

I wrote this to I hope they give me a hand in looking for media help to probe/investigate the REAL Smartmatic. Check Alek’s Blog out too
What now?

Hi Guys,
Great site.  You must peruse this website, worked on by Alek Boyd- and see the story about Smartmatic.
The blog author, Alek, has been writing about how Hugo Chavez banned the company Smartmatic, a Venezuelan-based and owned
company, from operating in his country, that of Venezuela.  Bolivia has just jinked an offer by Smartmatic for automates elections. They are being banned now in other countries because of their HQ being shutdown by no less than Hugo Chavez.
Even if they helped Chaves cheat to remain President in that countries president, they are goving his country and that os millions a bad name by their international shenanigans. Now Mexico is rethinking their deal with Smartmatic.

Yet we remain, at least our COMELEC insists  on defending a company like Smartmatic, which is presently 96 DAYS behind all their programs and projects. Yet the COMELEC remains, which is upsetting, very
defensive of Smartmatic. If Comelec does not take them to task for non-delivery of goods, there will be surely be a failure of elections. I attended a seminar given by Gus Lagman and Harrry Roque’s partners at Club Filipino. It was extremely enlightening. I will write about it soon.
It looks like the P1.3 Billion already paid to them will not be returned by these crooks. Did you know that they are registered in Nigeria, or Somalia, or a similar country as a limited paid-up capital company. Which means that even if we sue them, we can only get what assets they have in the host country they registered in for Philippine election purposes.  Which is nothing compared to the amount of billions that they will getting for automating our elections. Somebody made hundreds of millions in this deal. Unfortunately for us, it appears that they and the COMELEC are headed towards a failure of elections.  It is unbelievable that our local media has not yet dug up the dirt on Smartmatic. Then again, P1.3 Billion can buy a lot of goodwill here. So maybe we can ignite ta fire in the minds of the Internet websites and blogs to get an investigation of Smartmatic going.  It is us who have everything to lose. The Venezuelans, who only showed up at the end of the first Senate Hearing, was there because the questions of the senators
was opening that can of worms that is the relationship between the Comelec and Smartmatic-TIM are playing us for fools.  A 96 day delay in all aspects of the contract is normally enough to call off the deal.  But like it seems that we cannot as they may reveal the names of those who made hundreds of Millions to see the deal through, what can we do?

Can we afford to have Gloria stay on as President past May 2010? Because it looks like aside from already having won the Pampanga Congressional seat she seeks, she is also ready to be President for as long as we allow her.  It is up to us.
How I wish my good friend Sheila Coronel were still here. We need PCIJ now more than ever. MY PCIJ compadre and co-worker at PCIJ Alecks Pabico passed away a few months ago at 42 of cancer. So my contacts are gone.  Maybe by posting this on my blog as well as writing you guys for help will make a difference. It always seemed to help in the past.  I am counting on you guys.




2 Responses to “Smartmatic Banned By Hugo Chavez. What now?”

  1. Mary Says:

    The Chavez Effect

    How have the actions of Hugo Chavez effected the investment environment within Latin America? Commodities expert Robert Petrucci explains…

  2. Hans Gauntt Says:

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