Why Martial Law in Maguindanao? To release the murderers before May 2010.

December 10, 2009

The Ampatuan  Clan massacred at least 57 people in one mornings worth of bloodletting. Most of those they killed were women and journalists. It took 100 of their private army to kill the 57.  A new report yesterday also revealed that the reign of this warlord clan has possible killed a total of around 200 people since they took place as appointees of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo  in 2001.  They reciprocated the Arroyo favor by delivering an unbelievable number of votes for Arroyo and also made all her party’s 12 man Senate slate win in a trounce of 12-0. They magically made not only Arroyo win by millions, but also made her party win without granting a single vote to the opposition.   Presently, Gloria Arroyo proclaimed Martial Law in that province for the purposes of hunting down the Ampatuan clan.  But there is an obvious catch to Arroyo’s declaring Martial Law, and not charging the killers with murder en masse.  Arroyo knows that before she leaves the Office of the President, even if Martial Law has been lifted in that region, she can always issue a pardon to the Ampatuans by virtue of her powers as President.  And anyone arrested via martial law can be pardoned, no matter how many they killed, because the crime of rebellion, which is her basis of charging them, instead of murder, gives her the opportunity to pardon and have them all released before she steps down.  You have to hand it to this woman, no matter how many Filipinos and journalists are killed,  she always finds a way of getting them out to become freemen again.  This we suspect will happen before she steps down as President and assumes the position of  Congresswoman for her Pampanga district. Pampanga is a province north of Manila, and Gloria, instead of attending matters of the state, has gone to see the Pampanga province and it’s people at least 50 times in the past few months. Obviously campaigning.
Will the people let her get away with the murder of all these people by her loyal governors and mayors, positions that the Ampatuan Clan occupy?  Looks like no one is complaining. So therefore it is the government that we deserve that we will get.  Massacre or not, Gloria’s loyalty ton the Ampatuans is very obvious, and she can hardly wait to release them, which she can do if Martial Law is passed by Congress, which is made up of her cronies, a majority of which occupy the Lower House  of Congress. They will help her get the votes necessary to get Martial Law legalized and eventually get the Ampatuans released before May 2010.
It is pathetic how few real men occupy the halls of Congress. Most are Gloria’s lapdogs who do her will, even if it costs lives of innocent Filipinos.  No wonder Gloria Arroyo has been quiet about Martial Law. She is letting her lapdogs do the dirty work.  She will merely sign the Pardon next year and the killers of more than 200 will be free to kill again.


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