Gloria protecting allies in Maguinadanao ?

November 26, 2009

(re:… aray literally translated means ouch, as in painful. pain is what almost all people expect those close to the president of the Philippines feel, and have been feeling for years now. God help us.)

A few days ago. a convoy of women, media practitioners and supporters of the Mangudadatus, a family that had recently gone to war with the Ampatuan clan in a turf war over the control of Maguidanao.  This is the usual way to gain control of provinces in Mindanao. After certain period of time, situations begin to boil over and one or two members of the warring clans gets killed.  Gloria had been buying the  loyalty of the Ampatuans  since she became President by the usual Palace practice of inviting Governors, Congressmen, Mayors, etc. to a lunch or dinner at the Palace and they all leave with shopping bags full of thousand peso bills and the goodwill of the leader, who hopes that she paid them enough for their loyalty.  This is the type  of politics that was re-introduced by Arroyo and based on a Marcos campaign style.  Thing is, sometimes, she buys off two warring factions and does not think of throwing in a requirement that they put their guns down if they want their money.   That was none of her business. What the fate of other Filipinos in these rated “dangerous”  provinces, in the Northen provinces and more so in Mindanao.  All she cared about was that they remain loyal to her alone. She would have nothing to do with boiling points, as in Maguindanao. All that matters, after all, is that these warlords keep their people in line and that come elections,
they see to it that by hook or by crook, their goons would herd innocent people into voting booths, and ensure that they writre her name on the ballot.   It was reminiscent of that day in Sept, whe two passenger planes crashed into the twin towers and the face and demeanor of Ex-President George George W. Bush was to remain frozen for way too long.
Time to make decisions, to give orders, to secure the Unites States of America, and this country cowboy froze.  Probably a result of spending his training days at the Guard having a good time with his pals at the ranch and too much of the white powder and all that.  But for Gloria, it was different. The people responsible for murdering raping, beheading and chopping off body parts from a total (as of today, as it rises daily) of 57 women, teenagers, old people and about 12 media practitioners are still free, as no instructions were issued for them to be arrested. The mastermind was probably somewhere enjoying what for him was a political victory.  For policemen, police chiefs, inelligence agents from the military not to have anticipated a war party of 100 ruthless blood seeking hired killers to have escaped the attention of the police and the military is ridiculous.  Their level of  protection came from way up there, and these things will matter.  Wait and see.  If she acts the way she has been for the past few months, like issuing pardons to her friends who have committed crimes that merited their getting the released from death row /  some multiple life sentences.  It was a scadal that rocked Manila. It was also another tragedy that under her presidency, more journalists had been killed than at any other period except for WW II.  Likewise, the other days massacre of 57 that included 12 journalists was a massacre that again broke the record for the number of journalists killed in one day during peace time.   It is horrible, the way Arroyo has chosen to leave this matter to her assistants and keep relatively tight-lipped about the matter. Except for her declaring today a day of mourning, which is the strongest statement she has made about the entire matter, it seems.    Her “orders”  for a “quick” investigation, etc. are ridiculous, considering everyone knows who did it.   Statements like these only serve to make to entire matter more  laughable.  This is not a question of perhaps. The way she has been handling the massacre has shown us so clearly that we are not going to get much help from our own President, despite the fact that 57 Filipinos have been tortured, beheaded, shot down like dogs by 100 of her allies’ men.  He is worth too much for her in the next elections for her to pursue him and have the legal books thrown at them.  I cry for the families of the 57 murdered people.  My heart bleeds for my country, which is an example of what a powerful President can and cannot do.   It’s pathetic.  Let me bet you that Malacanang will put blame on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
It won’t be hard to imagine that some MILF joined in the massacre. But that is what mercenaries do, isn’t it?  It’s
a simple matter of fighting for the highest bidder. And in this case, the  Ampatuan clan possibly, very easily hired a few if not some MILF fighters for a thousand bucks a day, if not two, for a one day project.


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