See SkyBroadband Sloppy Final Installation of Modem.

November 18, 2009

See how they have left the modem.  On the floor. Permanently.

Sky Broadband's Sloppy Job

Skybroadband installed this modem the other day. Isn’t it great how they managed to make my room look like a shanty in just one hour? Take note, this is NOT a temporary connection.  This is exactly how they left my room and the broadband’s modem. Smack down in the middle of the floor. After a full day of waiting and getting passed around from one customer support to tech support to billing to who knows who, they said they would try to send someone to fix this miss. I cannot move the modem as they left the cable with only enough length to be installed, like true pros, in the middle of the floor.   So I am on a waiting list for them to tidy up their job. This is totally sloppy quality. Unacceptable unless, of course, except to them alone. However, in case you are used to to the Lopez standards of quality  in everything they do. So, from falling entire windows at Rockwell million peso units to a botched simple job of another meter of cable, they leave their brand of quality work everywhere they go.

Shame on those who didn’t expect that riot at the ULTRA where Willie Revillame, the million bucks a day guy  asked people to come and get money, what else?  And woe to all of us, who expected justice be brought upon those responsible for that incident.
At any rate, here is a reminder for all future customers. Be sure you are home when they say their work is done. By the way, they also cut off my Destiny cable wiring to make room for their inability to find a way to wire up their broadband.  So more additional expenses for me all because their installers were too lazy to do a proper job of finding their way to my unit from the electrical room.  Jerks. Idiots. Don’t the owners think of what the people will say after work like this is left in their clients houses?  I asked the guy to fix this before leaving and they said they were getting some stuff and coming back. Well, phoey on me for believing their bull.
Bravo Sky!!!!


2 Responses to “See SkyBroadband Sloppy Final Installation of Modem.”

  1. Winthrop Yu Says:

    Sky used to be pretty good, at least *technically*, until their parent company SkyCable merged with PLDT’s Home Cable. Then SkyInternet had to merge some services with PLDT’s (ailing if not failing) Infocomm. Even Bayantel’s previously good mail-handling was handed-over to Infocomm with its botched implementation of SPF email filtering. End result — *worst* of both worlds.

  2. Mikey Garcia Says:

    I guess this required some “high-quality” installation skills! tsk tsk…

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