Oh Lordy, Comelec’s Melo is a Melon!

October 28, 2009

The term MELON is used to describe cars or equipment that were bought but do not work as the buyers thought they would.  Instead of running in brand new condition, the MELON seems not to function as it is supposed to.  Everything appears to break down more often than not, and repeated runs to the shop cannot seem to correct it’s problematic performance.  There are some policies in the industry regarding real melons, the proper one being the supplier giving you a replacement brand new unit after admitting that they gave you a real Melon.

The relevance of my writing about melons is our very own Super Melon Comelec’s MELO.  Instead of his trying to understand and resolve the problems of people who want to register, especially for the first time, the Comelec, instead of helping the public, blames the people for waiting till today to register, for example.  And although it is apparent that many may be deprived of their RIGHT to vote, this Comelec  instead of finding a way to adjust the number of days for people to register, Melo gruffly and arrogantly berates the voters, old and new for being not able to register on time.  While all the while we thought we bought a new billion peso computerized voting system, (a doubtful purchase, for sure), this Commissioner seems to think that as election czar,   instead of SERVING the public, it is getting clear that Melo da Melon is instead trying, and obviously so, to not care whether Filipinos are DEPRIVED of their RIGHT to vote by using stupid reasons to blame them for the inability to register. People WANT to register. MELO da MELON, it seems, is trying to find ways to prevent Filipino voters from being given all the possible means to register. Why not extend registration a few more days? His answer, The people waited to register, so it’s their fault.  No, sir, Melon. There were just too many trying to register.  What’s up, Melon? Someone up there telling you to do a Garci but unlike Garci, he is sabotaging the elections this early by not making it possible for all qualified Filipinos to register so they can vote.  Melo, you will be labeled to be a Gloria-boy, another Garci, if you continue to NOT do what you can to allow the Filipino citizen register so that they can vote in the coming elections.  The Comelec workers I saw on TV news tonight had their daughters and nieces helping out to move the work of Comelec employees. Why don’t you ask the DepEd to send you more teachers, add more chairs, send more forms to help get more Filipinos registered.  This is a serious election Melo, and if I were you, I would think of how your fellow Filipino was not allowed to vote because YOU did NOT do what you could to facilitate registration. Instead of gruffly barking to the news correspondents that you are not moving the registration last day which you should try to do even if means moving heaven and earth.  If you can’t, then ask the Supreme Court to allow you to extend registration days but sir, please don’t cheat the Filipino out of his right to vote. You will go down in history as THAT Melon. The one and only who decided the fate of the elections months previous to that election day.  You know what your job is. Do it or suffer the wrath of Filipinos for generations to follow.  Believe me, Melon, we are really waiting for the chance to have a LEGAL President after so many years living under a pretender.


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