Gloria and OBAMA talked for exactly eight (8) minutes.Agenda: BS

August 1, 2009

Subject: Gloria and OBAMA talked for exactly eight (8) minutes; most Americans seem to know the truth about her, about her. Except for OBAMA? Then again, maybe not.

From The NELSON REPORT Washington DC

THE PHILIPPINES…the good news is that the unfortunate presidency of Ms. Macapagal-Arroyo does not have too much longer to run, given the scheduled May, 2010 election.

The bad news is that she’s done sufficient damage to linger on for years, and there are just enough machinations underway, as is usual in Manila, to keep folks worried about her plans, and/or the ability of a successor to improve the situation.

Specifically, she has been making what an informed Loyal Reader ruefully describes as “Putin-line noises”, a colorful short-hand way of noting talk she wants to fool with the constitution so as to retain power.

Sources agree that IF this starts to happen, warns one, “you can expect serious, probably explosive results in the streets.”

And even the the worst is avoided, experienced observers warn that “for the next 10 months, nothing useful is going to happen, and for American interests, the campaigning is likely to engender a ‘populist’ backlash on foreign investment, and US business interests.”

Perhaps with the above in mind, it doesn’t sound like President Obama felt much of his valuable time should be expended today, although Arroyo will meet with Sec. State Clinton, and A/S EAP Kurt Campbell in more detail tomorrow.

Here’s how the White House “press pool” reporter handled the photo-op portion of the “summit” just now:

“Pool was ushered into the Oval Office about 3:45 p.m. for statements by Obama and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Philippines. The two leaders sat on flanking chairs in front of the fireplace.

Obama praised Arroyo for her efforts to fight terrorism, and her help in dealing with the problems of Burma and North Korea. He noted the Philippines is hosting a conference next year on nuclear non-proliferation.

‘We’re going to have a busy agenda together,’ Obama said.
He said the Philippines is a small country, but, to use a boxing metaphor, it ‘punches above its weight in the international arena.’

Arroyo thanked the U.S. for its ‘soft power’ in helping the Philippines build roads, schools, and bridges. She said her country backs U.S. efforts in Burma and North Korea. Praised Obama’s plans to battle global warming, which threatens ‘disaster for our country.’ She thanked Obama for his ‘new engagement in our part of the world.’

A Philippine journalist asked each leader his or her impression of the other. Arroyo called Obama ‘cordial, warm, and welcoming.’

Obama joked, ‘I’m sure she thinks I’m much younger looking than she expected.’

Session lasted about 8 minutes.”


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