Fuc** News or was that Fox News??

June 17, 2009

If there ever was a television station that is setting out to stop  America from a country trying hard to recover from all the damage done to it by the trio of Rumselfed, Cheney and Bush’s  Evil Empire, and revert back to the good old days at the Bush Ranch, it is the Fox News Channel. Just in the beginning of their show, where they claim to be  “fair and balanced”  any neophyte watching will notice that within 10 minutes of air time, this twisted group of Americans, or that’s what these rednecks have the nerve to call themselves,  immediately start to snarl and growl and tear apart whatever  semblance of respect for their leaders, unlike  other people who have seen America in a different light.  Their agenda is their own.  They dare not mention any of the atrocities committed by their idols like Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney. Instead, they put halos on the heads of these tyrants who almost brought the USA down, and brought the worlds’s anger down on them. These ignoramuses did not even notice this.  It is hard not to miss them on TV; No other station has so many so-called fake journalists; in our days they were called Ronnie Nathanielsz  but twice as bad. And he was really bad.  Their vile mouths spit poison and evilspeak. Bad words, angry words that could have been probably a wake up call for Cheney and Bush et al. But they are probably on the payroll. Then there is their very own “Roger Arrienda”who used to lambast our own local officials bar none and leave nothing out. And as if to drive his point home, he hung a cardboard bomb behind him in his stage set, to make sure sure we did not forget his purpose in life. Anyway, Fox’s O’Reilly pretends to be a all-American, stand by the flag guy, when in reality all he is is a salesman of books and T-shirts and coffee mugs to his viewers. Now if that isn’t making monkeys out of his followers, I don’t know what is. Would you believe that before he became what he calls himself now, some sort of “America’s Conscience”. Yes, much like Noli de Castro, he started out in showbiz in a gossip show.  His was called “Hard Copy”, while Noli de Castro was the voice introducing callers to Inday Badiday”.   These two are now somewhere up there in the clouds. At least their egos are. Their IQ’s can’t really reach that high, try as they may. And when you are that high, it’s a long way down.  And he is a staunch believer in his own “fair and balanced” news. Firstly, they don’t give us the news, they give us their own twisted opinions, which are obviously not thought out too well.  Can’t blame them, they are at their max.  Secondly, instead of trying to  encourage their fellow Americans, who are at their worst economic situation since the thirties, they only help  drag down the people’s morale even less. It is they who do not deserve democracy, for they are seeking to destroy it using their much abused freedom of speech. Yet when anyone else tries to use their freedom of speech, they lambast that person. So the deal is, they can call the shots, but only they can call the shots.  I don’t know who has it worst, the Philippines, with the tiny Gloriettas/Gloriettos professing their love for GMA (for now), or a TV station that is trying very hard to destroy America from within. Funny, how people who lack the cerebral capacity to comprehend the most basic difference between  right and wrong opt not to use what they obviously what they do not possess or dare even pretend to have an even basic understanding of  the simple.  The Ugly American. You just can’t get rid of him. I
sure hope Hannity or O’Reilly come by and visit soon.  Time for a reality check, boys.


One Response to “Fuc** News or was that Fox News??”

  1. Jed Says:

    Amen to this. Just watched yesterday how Hannity lambasted Obama’s economic agenda. Like he has all the answers himself. There are alot of journalists like this, they don’t just report, they opine.

    And this Bill O’Reilly is just up there in his throne, like a king looking down on all mortals.

    Sick I tell you.

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