Secretary of Finance Book Burner/Nazi

May 18, 2009

He won’t raise the tax on cigarettes or alcohol.  The owners of liquor and tobacco companies have probably listed him as Numero Uno on their Christmas lists.  Also, he might hurt the feelings of his Boss, who frowns on laws that make sense.  Instead, he has decided that BOOKS, those hard or soft bound cardboard covers which contain paper with data, and are the principal source of knowledge of any country are being taxed.  Apparently, he takes his cue from people like Adolf Hitler, who led the Hitler Youth in book burning orgies as did the Khmer Rogue of Cambodia.

This government , as almost all people know, has stooped to it’s lowest level yet by deciding to TAX books and therefore cause the rise of  ignorance in this country. The Secretary must probably have not read books, otherwise, he would have realized how much they have to offer.

If this is almost already a nation of idiots, it is because fools like Teves are making it so. Books should not be banned through taxation, TEVES should
be allowed to resign now.


One Response to “Secretary of Finance Book Burner/Nazi”

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