Wanted in the USA?

May 10, 2009

First, he feigned a heart attack on the way to America, causing the plane to leave him in Japan.  Pang Famas Award ba ang performance?  Then when anyone who was someone  went to Las Vegas to watch Pacquiao demolish Hatton, he sudddenly had to see his doctor for an abrupt checkup ( ? yeah, right.).  The USA seems to be just waiting to get their hands on him, in the same manner his pal JocJoc was thrown in a  cell and made to wear that all too telling orange outfit.  Yep, the orange suit of a CONVICT or let”s be kind: PRISONER.   Who knows what sort of deal JocJoc made with the gringos, in order to gain his liberty. 

Golly, to have been a fly in the wall while they were interrogating prisoner Bolante. He must have cut a deal.  Otherwise, why is the fat man so scared of landing in any American port?  Sayang lang mga bahay at building nila doon kung hindi makita.  Ibenta na lang para may pambili ng pagkain sa mahihirap.


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