Moros bringing war to Manila?

December 30, 2008

Year after year we see the kind of government we have wrought upon ourselves. After the Valley Golf incident, is it now obvious that we are stuck with an violent yet ill-fated regime and nobody else is going to move to replace this government except us.  For example,  the bad guys will ensure that their victims will be scared into not testifying out of fear.   How can you blame them?  After all, the  President will be on the perpetrators side.  She will probably issue a statement for PR purposes but as usual, try to sweep the matter under the rug.   Read this story and see how this incident reveals exactly how much Gloria and her Wild Bunch is  getting away with.   The father and son golf duo  will not only change their sport,  but probably change country as well.   We have our own burden of fault in this matter because not only did we install this woman to the highest office of the land, but also, we let her do whatever she wants to the country, its people, its natural resources.  What is great for her is that we apparently have no plans of  doing things like defending the hapless father and son.  Murderers are set free from Bilibid without a complaint from the citizens.  Many use the coming 2010 elections as their excuse to allow her to continue her shenanigans.  Don’t worry, we say, we have 2010 soon to come. Question is when 2010 is here, will we be?   From crimes of financial rackets freely allowed, they are sometimes even looked upon with awe.  And lately, we have seen that now, even crimes of the physical nature are allowed.

Read this first hand acccount of the Valley Golf incident, where a massacre almost occurred:   After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

How can we expect to win the war in Mindanao with a President who obviously does not have the respect of her own Moro Officials when they batter,  beat and attempt to shoot Christians within Metro Manila.  How can anyone expect Christians to stop the war  in Mindanao and expect peace when Moros now see that they can attack Christians right in Manila with impunity?  If not for a few brave souls, a small brave few who stood between the guns and the goons and let the father and son escape before being machine-gunned. What would the all-forgiving president have done to the thug Cabinet Official and his goons?  No, I think its better to ask how long before she pardons him?  As fast as Justice Department Head Gonzales investigates and finds out that it was  the  15 year old’s fault all the while?  Wild scene, huh?  It will be interesting to see how the anti-Christians react to this new window that just opened for them to come to the capital City and wreak havoc.  Who is going to stop them? If the President brushes aside threats of murder of innocent people by people who are SUPPOSEDLY under her command, she has another think coming.   Stop listening to your sip-sips and servile flatterers and see what is happening to the country.  Because you are very close to losing it.   This is the time to ask yourself:  Do I deserve the way the people are treating me?  It will take about half-a-second to answer unless, in keeping in character, you fool yourself into thinking you are loved. Dream on, dream weaver, dream on.

If the Moro Cabinet members and who else (only they know)  don’t have enough respect for the President of this country  and insults her and the Filipino people by beating Christians right in Metro Manila, the message is  clear to the other Moros is Manila.  Feel free to beat anyone to a pulp, effectively bringing the war in Mindanao to Antipolo.  What then will prevent the other Moros in Manila from assaulting Christians in Manila without fear of punishment?  After all, the President herself cannot control  her own people.  What a shame. A disgusting shame.  Shame on you, Gloria, for allowing this.  It would be interesting to see the results of surveys on how the Filipino people feel about a Moro Cabinet official, a man of great power and lots of guns going around beating and possibly planning to shoot a father and son who just happened to be in a golf  course.  How do Christians feel about this?  The survey should also reveal why the President seems not to have the balls to discipline this mad man.  Or will she be against  moves by  Christians in Manila who await her actions to discipline this Cabinet member, or will we now have a government that can go around and slaughter fellow Filipinos without fear of retribution.  After all, she released as many murderers from Bilibid as she felt she could get away with. If the father and son were killed, would she have found an excuse to fly off to Hong Kong to attend a non-existent seminar?   How does a country react to a President who allows her cabinet goons to go about beating a 56 year old man and his teenage son using goons and guns, showing no respect for his boss, who happens to be the President, then you wonder.  What kind of President do we have?  In any other country, one with real leaders who know what it is to be just and not just count ballots, the Muslim official – Moro or Christian – would have been fired on the spot.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in this Banana republic, where the Moros seem to be trying to bring their war to Manila led by no less than a Cabinet official, a change in leadership seems to be long desired.  What next, an increase in the cost of fake DVD’s?  Or are there IED instructions now for sale as well for the same price?   Let’s face it.  We made a big mistake in 2000.  We continue to do so as we enjoy the pain and fear.   A word of caution.  She has indicated that come 2010 the supposed end of her term, she has hinted at plans of extending her leadership hopefully for another 6 years. Good luck Philippines, land of suckers.


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