Manila, still hopeless after all these years. Is JocJoc Agent X-44?

December 2, 2008

News organizations have been more and more often reporting on the corrupt leaders in ASEAN and these corrupt ones are either going to be jailed or try to seek refuge, as out very own Joc Joc Bolate did. But not so fast. America is not so easily fooled.  So the arrogant Joc Joc  got what he wanted- a two year stay in  bright orange prison scrubs along with all kinds of other law-breakers.  Wonder as to why he was running away from Gloria is often asked. Was he so scared after what he did that he told the Americans that he was scared that he was going to be taken out, shot, gunned down? He must have told her that he wanted out and maybe was told that there is no way out.  You here, you are here for good.  He got out after about two years, yet we still are in the dark as to why he wanted out.  He wanted to make like a banana and split.  So the mystery remains.  What were his orders?  Did he put enough aside to live comfortable in the Unites States under the guise of an amnesty request instead of planning out a stay as a businessman and that could work out. But it still is a mystery.  Why was he running away?  Did the so-called misuse of the hundreds of millions for political purposes go awry and instill the wrath of his boss on him?  After all, he was asking for amnesty.  He chose the US, when there were other choices that we have no existing extradition treaties with and he could hide with his maybe ill-acquired money and live like Herminio Disini, who stole a LOT and managed to spend his time running around the world chasing snow.  He would be in the Swiss Alps, Aspen, wherever the snow would fall between seasons and just spend his time skiing with our money to pay for all the expenses. Oh well, the point is that he was one of Marcos favorite cronies and wonder of wonders, there are reports in the Internet community that certain characters who may be related to him are following his ski-tracks.  And, like this guy, these characters managed to pull the wool over the local Internet users and have mastered the game of monopoly.  Yet no one can touch them. Anyway, I digress. Back to Joc Joc Bolate,

ABS_CBN sent a crew to video this felon on his homeward trip and maybe get a scoop. No deal.  Despite of the fact that they got a clear shot of him wearing exactly the same clothes to while waiting outside the plane in an unidentified  airport but one in which all passengers to Manila stayed on as the plane was refueling for the Manila leg.  He was clearly and very obviously in the pink of health.  And being the liar that he is, he of course told them that he was not JocJoc Bolate, but that he was someone else. Before they could get a soundbyte, he took off on foot to get away from the TV crew.  Next thing you see is a shot of him in a wheelchair, then loaded onto a gurney then to an ambulance.  Which means that he lied to the Senate and more than that, Bolate lied to this small banana republic, the Pinoys, all 80+Million of them. And far as we can see at the Senate hearings, he continues to lie.  I can just imagine him laughing at everyone, staying loyal to the boss he fled from, and probably having had to return the money or whatever.  That is our Bolate theory. He took the money and ran. Smack into Uncle Sam. But he did not get away, no, not this guy. Not when he needed an ambulance and driven to St. Lukes Hospital, a hospital which apparently is close to Gloria and especially Mike’s heart.   What I find ridiculous is what he was doing putting on an acting show,  probably making like a pervert and playing with one nipple after another while pretending to hold his heart. What did he think putting a hand over his heart was going to do to his fake condition?  How a man like Bolate can have a real human heart is beyond me.  The way his heart shows his caring and concern for the people he was supposed to serve considering his government position.  His actions sort appear to indicate more of a baboon’s heart than a normal human heart. The hospital released him, and, though he he was overacting the grasping at his chest movements, results indicate there was nothing to indicate a heart problem.  So he thinks he fooled us again. And did anyone in the Senate and House Committees call his bluff?  No.  Apparently they are suckers, too.  It appears that this tactic, actually made him look like a really bad actor and a real liar to the core.  So these doctors should be told that they are not helping the country but rather, they are aiding and abetting a possible criminal who crimes are not merely small cases, but crimes against the Republic like TREASON.  In which case, they should be charged as well as accomplices.  If they remain loyal to their suspected so-called “patients” who should be in the real jails, not in the existing “Bilibid Condominium Corporation” housing for cronies or millionaires serving time for murder, rape, double murder the punishment for which is not  confining jailhouses, but look more like an expats quarters. The doctors have a Hypocrite’s Oath.  In other countries, where you cannot buy a MD’s diploma, the Oath is called the Hippocratic Oath. If anyone there violates the Oath, their licences are revoked, the same way some of our lawyers should be disbarred for violating some laws. But, as our saying goes, in Manila, “the law is merely a suggestion”.

This manner of how our politicos evade going to jail should be penalized as should the doctor who signs the certificate.  Let’s make it simple. If the doctor who signs the admission form is obviously way off and two other doctors opine that he was lying, and that Joc Joc Bolate  had no real emergency-worthy sickness, then let the Phil. Medical Association, which I think is the body that oversees the way Doctors carry out their practice, then they should be held liable for that.  It’s just how our local criminals behave. They get doctor’s certificates and from there get to stay in Manila’s high-end hospitals. All this, with thanks to the high and mighty in our government, who, in their naivete, think the Filipino people are so stupid that they don’t see through their stupid antics.  Well, maybe 90% of the 80 million are that stupid in their eyes, but I strongly suggest they read up on their history. Not all despots and corrupt leaders get away with their crimes against their very own country.  It is money money, money.  Maybe, one day, money will be used to buy the ropes with which they shall be hanged (Then again, bullets are cheaper). History brings a few to mind. Mussolini, Thaksin, then his replacement as Prime Minister was fired by the people of Thailand. Remember the Korean President who was put in jail, Taiwan corrupt leader ousted, Romania’s Nicolae Ceaucescu and wife, who were summarily executed when Romania had their own People Power, and the mega corrupt Fujimori of Peru, who is hiding in Japan, and if you go through the last weeks newspapers, you might be able to read about how other nameless leaders wake up one day sans their heads.  One day, the Filipino will grow tired of this game called EDSA 1,2,3,4 etc and really let the most corrupt of them all get justice as is due them.  This game we call EDSA does not result in anyone getting punished. Except for one president, Joseph Estrada, who was confined in his country house and held parties every week for his friends and cronies. That was no jail term, that was an extended despot’s party, sponsored by the people’s money.  But he is no longer serving his term. Lo and behold, in an apparent move to try and seek a return in favor, he was pardoned and released as soon as it was humanly possible.

At any rate, the news reportage today covers stories about corrupt leaders from Asia and Europe.  They are then incarcerated and are some are made to testify.  I guess this is the Filipino dream. Honesty, fairness and most of all, justice. Here is how crisis management is done in this country.   If the present problem happens to be housing,  politicians and cronies build bigger houses in Alabang, La Vista, etc.   If the problem  is poverty,  the politicians move their meetings to Furusato, Sugi, and the five star Hotel restaurants. If the problem is people in an area, for example, is justice, and it comes to the point where the injustices are reported by the news media and columnists and radio announcers, more often than not, the media people are shot dead.  Whether they be shot in front of their house, at their place of work, or even inside their home in full sight of their families, assasins are uncaring enough to shoot down the new person(s) who are most vocal about the Injustice and  dare to cite the incidents where ususally the poor are deprived of what is due them or their families.  In case we have forgotten, only the war-torn country of Iraq has more journalists shot dead and/or tortured then the Philippines. For crying out loud, aside from Iraq there are more local journalists shot dead in the Philippines than there are anywhere else in the world.  For how much longer do we continue to allow this? Only you, the Filipino, knows.


3 Responses to “Manila, still hopeless after all these years. Is JocJoc Agent X-44?”


    I’m a Filipino blogger for righteous causes. I hope you can help me on this issue!

    This is about some ‘racist statements’ that have been issued by a forum manager of -an active MSN forum–against the Filipino nation. This is a voice of protest against such racist statements issued by supposed-to-be a Jewish American who hates anti-Semitic slurs.

    Here is the link to those ‘racist statements’ against the Filipino nation: .

    These are sample messages:

    The message was a response to this post of mine:
    Message 5 of 9 in Discussion

    Sent: 11/25/2008 11:48 AM

    Tzipora Livni is the woman for Israel! If the USA has a Barack now, Israel should have a Deborah in Tzipora Livni! Livni is intelligent, wise and a peace-loving woman….. Israel needs Livni as its new leader! The Israeli nation deserves Livni!

    Henry, remember that Obama won! You lost because Obama won!


    And the racist statement that was made in response to that post was this one:
    Message 6 of 9 in Discussion

    From: Henry-the8th
    Sent: 11/25/2008 3:17 PM

    I wasn’t the only person that lost. America lost because Obama won.

    Much like the Filipinos will always be losers because all you have to select from are other Filipinos.

    Message 11 of 22 in Discussion

    From: SERGIOMO7_RUMMEL_PINERA Sent: 12/1/2008 12:05 PM
    Oh my…. Henry, you didn’t know that racism is idiocy?!! You should have the courage to make a public apology to the Filipino people for your blatantly-racist comment on post # 6 of this thread! Such comment is racist to all the Filipinos of this globe! Racism is idiocy! No to racism!


    Recommend Message 12 of 22 in Discussion

    From: Henry-the8th Sent: 12/1/2008 8:54 PM
    keep thinking you’ll get an apology and /or racial equality because you pray to your statue Jesus.

    and I’ll continue knowing what an imbecile you are.

    I have a question. Japan manufactures good quality cars that Americans buy.
    Koreans manufacture good quality cars for Americans to buy.

    filipinos produce drugs, muslims and prostitutes – why is your country so stupid?

    I hope that your news bureau can bring this issue to the management of MSN. The one who issued such racist post is supposed-to-be one of the main managers of the forum. I hope you can bring up this issue to the national press, so that racist statements will not be legitimately- tolerated by MSN and all the other internet-service providers of the world. The MSN should urge such forum-manager of the to issue a public apology to the Filipino nation! Please help me on this issue..(Rummels contact nos. removed by editor)
    From: Rummel Pinera

  2. Juan Mahirap Says:


    In the past 2 to 3 months, the PRESIDENTIAL ANTI-SMUGGLING GROUP (PASG) has been harassing and is running after NOT ONLY the real smugglers but also LIGITIMATE BUSINESSESMEN. The said GOVERNMENT AGENCY is EXTORTING from these business establishments several hundreds of thousands of pesos up to several millions of pesos. This resulted to CLOSURE of BUSINESSES DISPLACING SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF EMPLOYEES, WORST AT THIS DIFFICULT time of the great recession adding-up to the struggles and miseries of the already poverty stricken Filipino people.
    PASG will issue a mission order to give them the authority to raid warehouses and offices. They will forcefully oblige business owners to pay them from a few hundreds of thousands of pesos up to several millions of pesos otherwise they will threaten the businessmen to PADLOCK THE BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT unless business owners will come across PASG’s terms. In fact, there are so many establishments that have been victimized by these ANTI-ECOMONY, ANTI-PEOPLE CORRUPT ACTS of the PRESIDENTIAL ANTI-SMUGGLING GROUP with the abusive use of their authority in the guise of pursuing smugglers.
    PRESIDENT GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO, take control and DO SOMETHING TO STOP THESE ANAMOMALIES of your very own PRESIDENTIAL ANTI-SMUGGLING GROUP who now turns –out to become the “PRESIDENTIAL ANTI-BUSINESS / ANTI-LABOR GROUP” that’s oppressing both Management and Employees alike. We have already sooooooooooo many problems on our plates. For the common Filipinos the problem of having nothing to serve on our plates is resolved by business establishments operating legally under PHILIPPINE LAWS now the helpless VICTIMS OF the PRESIDENTIAL ANTI-SMUGGLING GROUP.
    MADAMME PRESIDENT, Maawa po kayo sa amin. Tulungan nyo po kami. Halos wala na kaming makain in the past 15 days na nagsara yong kompanya namin. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THIS APPARENT ABUSE of your PRESIDENTIAL ANTI-SMUGGLING GROUP TO OUR EMPLOYERS?

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