Bolate and his fairy tales or exactly how many crooks are there in this government?

November 18, 2008

It’s either there are those who try to pin him down or those who heap praises upon him in the midst of the questioning hour.  Trouble is, the hacks from the Palace who have been instructed to try and make Bolate look good look end up looking bad as they are really lousy actors, and to have the nerve to appear before TV watchers countrywide making fools of themselves to defend a man that even America found so hard to swallow they threw him in jail instead.  His repetitious statements about he being under constant “threat” from assassins makes hired guns look cheap. Who would bother to even throw a spitball at this moron?  And the Senate should ask him exactly what year he moved from living in just Alabang to THE Alabang could reveal to us the reason for his not being able to account for a whole lot of money.  Exactly how much longer it will take this country to take notice of the hordes of thieves there are all over the place no one knows. Also, does anyone wish to do anything about it?  We have had decades of practice in tossing out dictators yet still know not what to do with this one.  Maybe because we have equal skill in returning the deposed dictators as soon as they are sentenced after being found guilty by a court. Not only does the government steal from the people, they are in cahoots with probably the following: pharmaceuticals, power company, water companies, telephone companies, possible drug lords.  We say this as despite the fact that this country is in as good shape as Sri Lanka is economically, we still have the most expensive water, power, telephone service, medicines, schooling, hospitals, you name it.  If they were not in cahoots, then they would be banging on the doors of the utility companies to make life in this country less miserable and instead of enriching the Fortune 500 members from this nation,  assure the poor that they will eat three meals a day, make good on the promise that the children of the poor will have classrooms and teachers, and provide for emergency medical care at the very least.  Start with Bolate. Give the citizens a crack at him. In half an hour the truth shall prevail, not Bolate’s wishes and commands.  This poor country, what is it? Fear of repercussions because we can present you with the families of writers and radio announcers who have been murdered for saying the wrong thing about you know who and probably the local government leaders, who are blatantly watching and doing what they see Malacanang doing.  Hence not too much is moving with regards to progress but when it comes to imaginative ways to cheta steal and kill, we are probably printing out the fifth edition.


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