Will the Bush Family cheat again for McCain?

November 3, 2008

It should be interesting to know if the Bush family, lef this time by GW, who found himself, to his own surprise, President of the United States. Turns out out that the State Officials of Florida, led by his own brother Jeb Bush, then Governor.  If you wonder about nepotism in the Philippines, take a look at the Bush Family. The senior Bush was CIA Director, Vice-President, then President.  Next to him, another son, Jeb, became Governor of Florida while the wino GW was Governor of Texas and has the largest rate of prisoners executed than in any other state.  Bush senior spread his wealth from the House of Saud Arab around the Republican Party, and suddenly we found that GW, whose files in the Air Force National Guard were filled with nothing but censored material, was to be next President.  Acutally it was supposed to be Al Gore, but the Republicans prevented and disallowed voting and votes by Florida’s black community.  Included in the censored material was apparently his likeness for cocaine and Southern Comfort. He would take several of his Air Force buddies  to his ranch and instead of serving his country, instead was served by the servants at his ranch while he and his buddies went on drunken sprees.  Of course, all this, including his blood tests for prohibited drugs was also censored from the Air Force personnel files.  So if anyone wonders where JocJoc and his boss got their initiative for grabbing what they could from the government, take a look-see at the Bush family, their close ties with the Saudis even if most of the 9/11 bombers were Saudis, and so is Osama Bin Laden.  So add one plus one. What you will get is what Bush and family have given America.  Nothing but crap.  And aside from their difference about torture, McCain is thinks and asks like Bush. So, ask yourself.  Is this the right time for another Bush in the White House?   That’s like asking for Mike Arroyo to run for president on 2010.  Great, huh?   By way the US Air Force pilots told us the story, the reason McCain crashed in North Vietnam was becasuse no matter how many planes they gave him, he kept on crashing them.  No wonder he was captured. If you crashed x number of planes, it is only a matter of time before you eventually get captured.  It is said that he was on his fourth crash before they captured him. So not only did he spend a loy of Air Force money, he also gave the Cong another invader to torture.
So how can you totally blame them?  The guy seemed to be asking for it.


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