They bought Mink Furs for HER. It’s too cold in the Palace

October 25, 2008

Maids and chauffers can be considered luxuries in many countries, as are nannies in the US. Unless you are within the same tax bracket or even one bracket below Bill Gates, you probably can get along without either of them.  Americans and Europeans  have gotten used to the following:

Filipino maids
Filipino care-givers
Filipino drivers
Filipino construction workers
Filipino cheap labor ( Middle East )
Filipino Laborers in general  ( Have gravel, will shovel )
Filipino Nurses
Filipino Hotel Maids
Filipino Au-Pairs
Filipino Nannies
Filipino Cooks
Filipino Technicians
Filipino IT Techies
Filipino Mercenaries
Filipino Construction Workers
Filipino Waiters
Filipino Mechanics
Filipino Pick-Pockets

OK.  The above is an idea of the Filipinos who are abroad. I don’t think I covered everything.  Point is that a lot of those listed above may be coming home when their employers, who need to cut down on luxuries, and general expenses, start to implement their savings plans and programs.  Knowing the Pinoy, and looking at Gloria baka madiri sila umuwi. It will be a tough job for the US Immigration Dep’t. to track down the Pinoys who will be sadly asked to leave their jobs. They will probably grab whatever job they can just to stay alive.

Everyone except those under five years of age have seen and known more than the local Pinoy how Gloria and her cohorts have ravaged this country. Hence,  one will be hard put to find a reason for them to come home and sit and watch the country get more and more devastated, besides getting robbed and possible killed.

As we see it, Bush is on the red phone to Gloria, trying to grab tips on how to cheat Obama from winning the US Presidency.  That is why US OFW’s, or former OFW’s, are going to have to make do with whatever they can.  But imagine a sudden infusion of three million Pinoys back into the ecnomy that the so-called economist destroyed with alll the looting by her cronies, cohorts, backers, hangers-on.  There’s just so much to steal. Then you start printing yourn own money. Why doesn’t she just start doing that and sending it to her overseas banks?  If you can’t see how people can’t eat and keep messing up just to scrape off more money from the country’s coffers, then you must be the most heartless people existing today. Exactly what do you want to see?  People dropping dead from hunger?  Even that wont bother you. So apparently nothing will.  If you can’t see or feel anything after seeing, hearing everything around you and choose to go travel to Europe for a junket with a PAL plane loaded with your cronies, you must have mental problems.  There is no cure for that, unfortunately. So take all the brandy you want.   Take your wine, scotch, Valiums, whatever. You won’t be able to run away from that. Mussolini couldn’t.  Check you history books.  Even your Generals are taking the cue from you.  Let this serve as a warning to Russian leader Putin. The PNP brought intelligence funds to Russia.  Apparently the PNP has set the whels in motion to probably start spying on Russia.  Watch out, Putin, the PNP is after you. For what only they know. After all, today it was an intelligence fund.  Well, yesterday it was a hospital fund. Am unsure as to what it is going to be tomorrow. Maybe a shopping fund.  Lord knows we need those mink furs really badly.  Aparently Gloria is upping the aircon so as to enjoy the furs more. Hunger? What hunger?  Thats for the poor. We are talking furs here…

Except for the Republicans, Americans saw how Bush literally destroyed the American economy with his boss Cheney and before that, brought the US into a state of war that will take them years to get out of. How the hell  you win a war where the citizens of the country you allegedly “rescue” hate you and wish that you leave them be. But oil, oil, oil and more oil has engulfed the left side of Bush’s brain, and he isn’t leaving the Middle East alone until he has a lock on the supplies and has a say on the amount of oil that the pumps eject and he gets enough of a commission on it’s sale.  With his eye solidly fixed on oil, and Cheney concentrating on Jim Beam and his shotgun, it’s no wonder the most powerful country on the world brought itself down on it’s knees.  And if the Bushes steal these elections again, they are going even faster down the drain.  Between the GOP, Bill O’Reilly, who used to be a simple  “Hard Copy” announcer ( boy, that show sucked bigtime. heck, He sucks bigtime, looks like Noli de castro but with more brains. Just a little more. )  and Bush’s black bag guys, it won’t be surprising if that old man grabs the Florida votes, wins, then dies of a heart attack an hour later.  Then moose face takes over and China takes over the world. It’s that simple. Good Grief.

A matter of concern for most Filpinos all over the globe is what happens to them when Americans and Europeans,  who are into the habit of hiring maids, gardeners, au-pairs, full time nannies for their babies get drivers from temp agencies for special occasions. Guess they will have to hire locally. Imagine having an American driver? HAHA  These guys don’t know how to drive. They stop in all the intersections. Pinoy pa rin
ang driver= good lover.


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