Hundreds of Filipinos are dead. Talk is Cheap, GMA et al. Sulpicio Lines Philippines sea tragedy.

June 26, 2008

Sulpicio Lines owners have done it once again. Actually, this is the fourth time they have managed to, by virtue of bribery and influence, get away with what should be considered mass murder. Knowing that by buying old, rotten, due for the shipping graveyard ships clearly illustrates that their sole motive in the local shipping industry is to try and make as much money as they can by forcing Filipinos to ride on old, broken ships.  They have clearly no intentions of making amends for all the crimes they have committed against the Filipino people.  Since their first catastrophe years ago, the Dona Paz, they have been able to bribe their way out of trouble with money earned through over-selling tickets on ships that are not seaworthy.  They, in cahoots with the government agencies involved in shipping, have murdered Filipinos by the thousands. Yet all they hear from the President herself, who has chosen to visit the lameduck US President Bush, who is no position to make new policy or enter into any long term new deals with the Filipino people as he steps down in a few months.  So what reason did this President, herself a lameduck, along with her posse of sycophants, have to visit Bush? To show her support for Bush’s boy in the coming elections?  She is making a mistake by choosing to play footsies with this Texas do no-gooder, who sees nothing wrong in sending American  soldiers into battle and maltreat them when they return from the Iraqi war less a limb, or deaf or blind.  His post Iraqi policy does nothing for the veterans, who find themselves lacking medicines, hospitals, or even doctors to attend to them.  Gloria clearly sticks with her friends, no matter that her own people are dying either of negligence or simple starvation.  The money that could have gone to buy rice for the poor went instead to her cronies and allies in government.

Just imagining that whereas any other clear-minded President would have ordered the immediate arrest and detention of the owners of the ill-fated Sulpicio lines, who have gone beyond the Strike Three count and have sunk four ships carrying our fellow citizens, Gloria has opted to spend the people’s time and money to make her rabidly loyal supporters in government happy by cavorting in the USA. It is crystal clear that for the right price, Sulpicio Lines owners shall again manage to squirm buy and cheat their way out of murdering thousands of Filipinos.
It makes you wonder how much they contributed to the campaign funds of Gloria last elections, and it is easy to see which government officials they managed to buy, lock stock and barrel.  They are the ones who will scoff at the thought of resigning from their positionsn of power. Positions that allowed corrupt business owners like Sulipcio Lines.  The silence from the Fil-Chinese Chamber of Commerce regarding the actuations of this very rich and powerful Chinese family, who can get away time and again after killing thousands of Filipinos, is deafening.  We know this government will do nothing, much less treat the Go Family the way murderers should be treated.  They are too rich, too well-connected to be touched.  Just imagine, as you read this, how much horse-trading and bribing as well as destruction of evidence is happening to help hide the tracks of those guilty and responsible for the most recent yet repeated tragedy wrought by Sulpicio Lines.


One Response to “Hundreds of Filipinos are dead. Talk is Cheap, GMA et al. Sulpicio Lines Philippines sea tragedy.”

  1. Edison Says:

    When a bus figures in an accident and many people were killed, it is the driver that is blamed for the accident, not the bus company owners.

    When a plane crashes in an accident and many people were killed, the pilots are blamed for the accident, not the airline itself.

    But why are the OWNERS of Sulpicio Lines being blamed for the thousands of lives lost in various accidents? Isn’t it the shipping crew’s fault?

    If this kind of ignorant finger-pointing is to persist, then we should also incriminate Lucio Tan because he is the owner of Philippine Airlines, which also figured in dozens of crashes.

    We should also arrest the Gokongweis because they own Cebu Pacific, including flight 387 which crashed.

    This is the reason why the Philippines never prospers. We are only good at finger-pointing. Especially you bloggers. If you know “root cause analysis”, then you should be blaming the incompetence of various factors, such as the captain, the crew, the maintenance crew, the operations team of Sulpicio Lines, and yes, even PAGASA.

    It is not Sulpicio Lines owners’ fault. It’s because of their employees who are either incompetent, or deal with hiring more incompetents.

    Enrique Go would’ve been a complete idiot for willingly letting a lot of multi-million dollar ships sink at the prime of their operating lives.

    What kind of businessman would willingly let their prized assets go down so suddenly?

    If someone at Sulpicio Lines is to blame, blame it on those who run the company every day. Ships shouldn’t figure in such incidents if they do their jobs correctly.

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