Gerry’s Musings: Marcos, Bin laden, Bush and more. Oliver North!

April 16, 2008

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—Gerry’s Musings—

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If only we were not just “pretend” members of ASEAN and were at least above Vietnam. Instead, we are back to be the dumping ground for toxic waste of other countries. One day, all that poison will begin to affect the poor who have no other place to go but have no choice but have the dumped waste, from hospital waste to busted computers, etc.

A lady under house arrest for years now in Burma. So what, we say. Tibetans getting killed for waving banners. Who cares. At least Germany and France Heads of State are boycotting the China Olympic ceremony. What will Gloria do? Support the Chinese. Maybe she should send them more bullets to kill Tibetans with. As for Bush, he already had new shoes and a suit bought for the affair. Amazing how he has sunk trillions(?) of US dollars into Iraq and intends to continue doing so. Spending money that isn’t there, I mean. As usual, the “Penguin from Batman TV series” Dick Cheney, who shot his friend and host while paying with his shotgun while drunk calling the shots for his Haliburton enterprise. And the Americans, only now realizing that a world that had nothing but tender caring for them after 9/11 now hates them. Almost of them, not just Bush. After 5 years of war, the White House policy towards Iraq is simple. Kill them all and let God sort them out. For crying our loud, haven’t the Americans noticed that whenever the Commanding General of the American Forces in Iraq reports that they aren’t going to win this one, he gets fired. Anyone notice that? They change and retire the Generals there quicker than you can get your Krispy Kremes at the Greenhills drive through. Any General, and these are the guys on the ground in Baghdad tell it like it is. Three trillion is a lot of many. The Americans have lost 4,000 soldiers. We condole with them. Always. The loss of a life, no matter whose, affects people anywhere. But the Iraqis have lost over 600,000 people. Not mentioned a lot over American Television. What do they care? The 4,000+ are their own. But there was need for Iraq to lose their own 600,000+ men, women and children. To avoid the cost of having to build a jail, they brought container vans into the desert, put some holes in them, and put as many Iraqi POW’s inside. Must have been real hot. They have not released statistics as to how many Iraqis imprisoned inside these containers died of heat exhaustion and sheer lack of air. Talk about brutality. Talk about the country concerned with human rights.

Bottom line:
Apart from the oil they are getting from Iraq and pass through Afghanistan, why are they there? Turns out that Sadam hates Bin laden, and likewise. Any dictator hates freedom fighter and that is how he is portraying himself to be. A freedom fighter who kills 3,000 civilians in under 30 minutes. What Bush hates having to tell the majority of Americans, especially the families with sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, cousins, etc, etc fighting in Iraq. He is very reluctant to say that Bin laden is a creation of Oliver North and the right wingers of that era. They needed to screw Russia during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, so they had North set up a system for supplying arms to Afghan freedom fighters. They trained them, armed them, fed them. Now they are in Afghanistan hunting down their former students. And despite all the propaganda, the publicity, the subtle controlling of the American media, they still have not been honest about who the enemies are and where they came from. The pilots of the giant airplanes that almost brought America to it’s knees. The people who learned how to fly in America. And the people who shocked the amateur crisis management leader so much that for the most critical minutes after the 9/11 bombing, at the very moment the people needed to be told what to do at the very moment from their Commander-in-Chief, he froze. Like the proverbial deer stunned by the oncoming car’s bright lights. Someone else had to stand up and give the orders. The order to shut down all the airports. No taking off, land asap. The order to send the Air Force to defend their homeland against any other possible attacks. They were all stunned. Frozen. But the one person who should not have frozen, the one who had to organize his government and get control of his departments immediately took his time about it. Maybe all those years of nose candy had affected his ability to react quickly. Thats why they hired him for the job after all, wasn’t it? Well they don’t seem to love him too much these days. But what does he care? His oil rigs are set to go as soon as he gets the Iraq situation under control. After all these years and where has it left them? Well, let me put it this way. They cannot push for the draft, so the requirements for soldiers has been lowered. Boy, are they going to regret this one. Allowing felons and other sorts of American trash into the army will only bring them into the large black pit at a quicker phase than they are going now. It was unbelievable how GW was stunned more than anyone else. This, the president who has taken more vacation leaves to be a recluse in his Texas ranch and hang with his cronies, that man froze. As people were dying and more planes still aloft, awaiting instructions on what to crash next, the Commander-in-Chief did not know what to do. And people were jumping out of windows of the Twin Towers while he sought to address the problem. It makes no sense. The world watched everything happen. The world cried for America. It condoled with the families of those who died, murdered by people who learned how to fly a plane but not trained on how to land it. Bin laden took a lesson from WWII and applied it to his most lethal enemy. His allies are the Saudis. The majority of terrorists who took control of the aircraft were Saudis. The House of Saud and George Bush Sr. are the best of friends. The Arabs who despise the Americans the most are the Saudis. America is keeping the House of Saud in power. But not for a cheap cost. Whoever gave him the post of the head of the Central Intelligence Agency should have been fired. Or even jailed. George Sr. botched his post. He failed to assure that intelligence gathered by his department be properly disseminated. Instead it appears that he was focusing his attention on cementing his personal ties with the Saudi’s. A documentary cited that over the years, the money that Bush generated while doing personal work for the Saudi’s amounted to around ten billion dollars. No matter that when he was vice-president of the United States in the eighties, the sum of his work at the CIA fed him intelligence to the effect that the dictator Ferdinand Marcos was a “lover of freedom and adherence to democracy”. That was apparently the type of intelligence that the CIA was feeding it’s government. Good grief. The man was the head of the world’s most well-funded and equipped intelligence outfit insisted that Marcos was actually a freedom lover. Not a human rights violator. Not a dictator. Not a thief. For crying out loud. This, from a guy who ran the Central “Intelligence” Agency. So much for the “Intelligence” part. There is a story that circulated around the eighties. It went around Manila really quickly, and possibly increased people’s fear of the dictator. The story that went around was about a UP student and the daughter of the most powerful man in the country at that time. At any rate, the rumor was that his very own daughter, while studying at the University of the Philippines, had a classmate who, during a class, made a remark to the effect that her father was the opposite of what Bush had called him. After all, no matter what anybody thinks, the guy was a scoundrel and a scalawag. A day later, the class was one student less. Apparently, somebody had decided that he had no right to his own opinion and so, as an example to the rest of the class, the vocal student was dead. Murdered. “Lover of freedom” didn’t apply to that poor student. But he still is one of the bravest people of that era. He fought the Marcoses the best way he knew how. And he won. He exposed the marcoses for what they are. Apparently the present American leader, took after his father. Marcos and the Bush family must have been close. Close enough for Oliver North to ask then Chief of Staff Fabian Ver to sign end-user certificates for various shipments of assorted weaponry and ammunition. Of course, the Philippine Armed Forces did not take any shipments. The end-user was the Philippines. The Armed Forces Chief of Staff signed for the receipt of the implements of destruction because the arms couldn’t be sent directly to the
Afghans. But with the Philippines as receivers of the weapons, then it was a legal transaction. One way or the other, the arms went to Col. North and they allegedly found their way into Afghanistan. There was a big scandal about this. It was called the Iran-Contra Affair. North had to testify at a Senate investigation and all that. He had to lie through his teeth to get through that one. But the Americans could not admit they were dealing under the table with some countries. Some called North a hero. Bin laden called him his friend and ally. The same Bin laden, born with royal blood in his veins became America’s number one enemy. And this did not start with 9/11. If then CIA Director Bush had done his job properly at the CIA, maybe 9/11 would not have happened. After all, the indicators were there, bearing forewarnings of bad things to come. America chose to ignore, or put in minimal efforts about the Embassy bombing in Kenya. Bush was gone, Clinton was in. The USS Cole was suicide bombed in Yemen, almost sinking it. Promises to hunt down the perpetrators were made but again, a gargantuan failure of intelligence happened. Things like that often happen. Various intelligence organizations worldwide are slow to share their reports with each other. For the world’s benefit, we hope that various countries help each other out. But there is still talk of additional bombings or possibly Bin laden’s real coup-de-grace. If he is in the Pakistani-Afghan border, the chances of getting him are close to nil. The US various agencies failure to share intel contributed to it’s failure to prevent what turned out to be 9/11, Bin laden’s coup-de-grace. Then again, we do not know where he is or what Bin laden is up to, so…

Doctors refer to patients who have symptoms that the MD’s cannot cure as “waste basket” cases. In our case, we are both the waste basket and the waste, thanks to our leaders, who invest heavily in campaigns and make their “investments” back a hundred fold. And although there is or are supposed to be laws against nepotism, even the President herself has direct relatives in the government who might be tempted to become either conduits for corrupt businessman, outright criminals or fixers for people who need some stuff from la presidentita.

Business can take only so much of this type of corruption before they run out of slush funds for the various government offices who, instead of being helpful in attracting foreign investors, become the reason fight at the door to investing money into the country. For God’s sake, it happens right at the airport itself when they arrive. You can sense the aroma of graft and corruption in the air. Then they may give you a taxi driver who gouges you as you seek a way to get to your hotel.

It’s been said many times, many ways, the corruption is so bad that maybe the only solution may have to be will be the Pol Pot approach. Just take the life out of an entire generation. Who cannot help but become “enablers”. It does not matter whether you like it or not, you have to be an enabler. Or have to drive sans licence, underpay taxes, bribe money for a few corrupt judges(?), executive branch and congress. Hey isn’t that cool? All our three pillars of government are for sale to the highest bidder! When I was a young child of ten or eleven at the Ateneo, we knew who the crooks were because the rest of the class would ostracize and heckle them even. Today, you are laughed at if you are in the government or have to do business with or through the government and do it honestly. The crooks are the guys with all the friends. Sickening, but thanks to a single person, the dictator marcos, morality in any form went down the drain. They said we were a country with one sonoafbitch and 70 million cowards. Obviously we all caught the sickness. And it seems, so have our children. It’s not curable without the right dosage of morality love of country. But we are a bunch of spoiled cry-babies looking for someone with a quick solution for this waste basket case. Some choose to simply toss out the garbage, as in EDSA 1 and 2, and the rest quietly take it and sneak off to the washroom to vomit. The thing is, the waste basket content definitely had stuff in it that needed to be thrown out. However, it is at this point that we realize that the waste basket itself needs to be tossed out. We the people apparently are of the mindset that over 30 years of corruption, blatant violations of basic human rights, the need to address poverty, birth control, and so on and on can be cured by four days of standing in front of a rather large statue beside Highway 54. It just doesn’t work that way. Nice wishful system, but we need more than a 4 day holiday from crime and corruption. The other solution, that of eternally looking for that one person to work his or her magic and all will be well can’t work either. It just doesn’t. What is worrisome is that this system just goes on and on.

Do I have a solution, as most everyone will easily give you, the problem needs multiple answers. There are overwhelming problems but few choose to stand up and face them. I guess that’s because we prefer to let someone else do the work. Life’s hard enough. That is one excuse. No time! Another reason not to devote ten minutes a day to think about a solution, then email it to friends and ask them what they think. What do I care, someone else will come with a magic bullet. Yet another reason. And daming palusot!! (lotta excuses). Oh well, how a “leader” who has a negative 33 acceptance rating, it is a miracle she is still there. But hey, I am sure there is a reason for that. Just give the Pinoy a bit of time and we will have a reason for that being the way it is.

If you have read this blog in it’s entirety, thank you. If not, I can’t blame you. It is a bit long. Then again, there is a lot to talk about…

More to come.


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  1. Bill Michaelson Says:

    The magic bullet is a nuclear weapon. Nuke ’em til they glow and then nuke ’em again. Turn that into the worlds largest glass factory and that will make ‘the freedom fighters’ think at least twice before pulling the crap they are now!

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