IT Giant Intel rethinking stay in R.P. So who’s surprised?

April 4, 2008

So much for Gloria’s sorties abroad to ” sell the Philippines” (apparently only the Chinese but only because contracts were all in their favor. Also, they fool the Filipino by telling them that they travel (at taxpayers expense, bring wives, staff and other non-essentials as they say they traveling to “GET INVESTMENTS) As long as the MOB got their cut, nothing else mattered, as everything was in their favor. Also, it is no secret that the dollars they use for the travel are acquired at an exchange rate that THEY dictate. It’s sickening, if you were to find out the pesos they paid for each dollar they used for their travel expense).

Anyway, what the hell are they traveling for, pretending to get new investors, if a huge plant that set up south of Manila, and I refer to the if non-polluting businesses Intel, who hires a LOT of Pinoys are now meeting about getting the hell out of ‘Dodge’. If Intel, which has been here for years is pondering leaving, how can now the government claim to be succeeding in inviting foreign money into this corruption-tainted heavily polluted by crooks, scoundrels and scalawags to put their money here. Just getting the red tape over with will cost them a heck of a lot of money, and this is even before breaking ground. After having to deal with the National Corruption Agencies for getting their permits, licences, clearances from agencies like Atienza’s Department of Environment and National Resources, among others, next in line is, depending on their location, are the many matters with local governments. These ignoramuses, instead of appreciating the facts that they
will have increased local taxes and have gainful employment for their constituents, would rather butcher the piglet now rather than wait for the real blessings will flow. Let the pig grow, if you can follow my drift. Galing mo, Gloria. You have been able to educate even the merest baranggay tanod on how to make kotong, and made your allies and Generals some of the richest Filipinos on the face of the earth. Yet you want to continue to teach these classes till way past the year 2010. And your biggest sin of all is how you corrupted your children and taught them how to steal, cheat and lie. Your own children. I do not know if there is room in hell for people like that. Most probably they will have to create a special below hell compartment for your kind..


Intel rethinking RP options

MULTIBILLION-DOLLAR INVESTOR INTEL, concerned with the growing requirements of its domestic business unit, is weighing “options” for a final decision to either stay in or leave the Philippines.

Intel Technology Philippines Inc.’s senior management discussed its long-term options with employees last Wednesday night, in a meeting initially expected to be about financial results.

“In an effort to keep employees informed, Intel has updated its employees that significant investments would be required to ensure the long-term viability of its factory building in Cavite,” a statement Intel released yesterday quoted its media relations manager, Ma. Teresa L. Pacis, as saying. “Intel would like to reiterate that it has made no decision on this matter and is currently exploring multiple options.”


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