Not a murderer anymore, apparently

March 19, 2008

At least thats what the justice of a court of appeals said as former congressman of mindoro occ. villarosa walked out of bilibid prison today after his conviction for murdering two sons of a political rival was overturned.

previous to his release, he was in makati medical center for a number of months as he was allegedly ill. he was miraculously cured by the court of appeals.

he sure wasn’t or rather isn’t ill anymore. his congresswoman wife happens to be a close friend of FG’s wife.

so who says you can’t get away with murder in these here parts? from where i sit, the long arm of the law looks more like a middle finger sticking it to the country’s legal system.

move over manero, here comes Jose…


One Response to “Not a murderer anymore, apparently”

  1. The people have been so numb at the non-stop scandalous & shameless impunity of this illegal administration that we barely hear signs of protest that only emboldens them more to screw the nation.

    Justice…. yeah… what justice? It is just a tool to protect the criminally corrupt powers that be in a never ending cycle of trapoistic merry go round while the people suffer endlessly.

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