Boracay’s Water and Carabao Shit all over RP Tourist Spots

March 10, 2008

Imagine, seven thousand Boracay’s but with proper sewage and garbage disposal systems. Which makes me wonder how many people are aware of how high the level of bad water exists around the island.  Well, it’s almost twice the normal value, which makes it almost poisonous.  Of course, that demented fool who is in charge of tourism is so busy putting his cement markers all over the country that he has neglected to address the sewage system problems.  Put it this way.  I have thrice been invited to an all-expense paid fun trip to Boracay but will never go till the measurements are below dangerous. I do not want to be infected nor do I look forward to getting sick. And I stand a good chance of that if I dip my toes in that island’s water. The island worth seeing? Yes. Worth dying of sickness for? Definitely not. Just bring your own kits and measure the waters contents yourself, something the authorities are not inclined to do. Find out for yourself.  As for me, this is a public service. In case you want to call me down for saying bad things about Boracay, please, explain to me then, what kind of sewage system do you have? When was the sewage system built? Where do establishment/resort garbage go? How long have you been disposing of your garbage this way?  Lastly, will you allow a foreign team to examine the measurements around the island to either vouch that the water is safe to clear the air on that issue or if not,  allow them to honestly tell us otherwise?  Will you hire a team to do that?  If you do, I will be your number one Internet marketing man. But only, only if you remove that Tourism guy’s ugly round concrete markers with his name clearly embossed as if to proclaim that he personally built all the Tourist attractions in the country. Those are just about the ugliest markers I have ever seen. For innkeepers, resort owners, even souvenir shop managers to allow these massive round ridiculously ugly markers to be spread throughout their areas is to allow a desecration of the natural beauty of the country. What drew him to etch his name on cement markers?  He is probably running for senator.  But it can’t be helped.  They actually remind me of carabao droppings  and the locals should start covering these ugly things with either miniature nipa huts  or just smash them to bits.  Instead of  spending government money for real tourism items, like seminars for service-oriented staff,  or maybe a short history of the historical spot.  But this government official, who obviously knows nothing about tourism, opted to make ugly the tourist area to advertise his name instead of improving the spot.  He chose to render beautiful spots ugly it with silly round cement markers, each of which have his name on them.  Aside from advertising his name, a blatant violation of the election code, the markers serve no useful purpose.  That’s the problem with this government, nobody thinks of what happens until AFTER they screw up.  This fool screwed up royally, and just to make sure that the people who are affected will never forget his name, for one day his day will come, they will know who to look for.  He should declare the cost of each of those carabao droppings that have his name on them.  And then, if he is man enough, he should tell the people who paid for those homages to ugliness how much he spent for them, and what law justifies his coarse act of putting his name on them.


3 Responses to “Boracay’s Water and Carabao Shit all over RP Tourist Spots”

  1. cArabao Says:

    I like the way you put that to words…bravo. It’s something that expats cannot , and will not, be allowed to express publicly.

  2. Chris Says:

    There are many illegal structures going up weekly here in Boracay. There are reports in the papers on banning construction, but the resorts are still being built. I know many businesses in which the owners themselves don’t know where their own sewage is flowing to. They are covering the marshlands here at night and building ontop of them months later.

    The people here have no respect for their own lands. Look at the sewage runoff in front of Red Coconut on the white beach. Look behind Seven Stone construction as an example of “getting rid” of the sewage from the smaller businesses.

    The local officials get paid off while the businesses keep building. If you swim in the water around those areas with the runoffs and get white spots on your body, go to the docs. You are infected.

  3. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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