Gloria failing to feed the poor, hastening mutual demise.

March 9, 2008

This was sent to us.  The sender failed to mention which publication first printed it.  But whoever you are, we thank you.

UN sees more people going hungry in Philippines as rice prices soar

by Cecil Morella Fri Mar 7, 1:25 PM ET

MANILA (AFP) – A UN aid official warned Friday that the Philippines may end up having to feed people to save them going hungry as the market price of rice soars out of reach of ordinary households.
With prices of rice and wheat spiking in recent months, World Food Programme country director Valerie Guarnieri told AFP, “I think there’s a possibility that the government would have to feed more people because of rising prices.”
“Price rises mean people who previously were able to meet their own food needs through the market with their own income have been sort of pushed over that precipice and are no longer able to feed their families,” Guarnieri said.
“So we see people who suddenly now would be eligible for assistance,” she said, adding: “We’re seeing it in many countries.”
The UN agency now provides food aid to about 1.1 million of the Philippines’ 90 million people.
Guarnieri said the UN was unlikely to ramp up its food aid to the Philippines immediately since it is considered a “middle-income country” with lower priority.
She also warned Manila could be hit in the pocket by having to boost spending on subsidies just to maintain current prices of the lowest-quality rice that it sells to the poor.
Guarnieri said rising rice prices and tight supplies could impact most severely on poor households in the rebellion-torn southern island of Mindanao because “we’re looking at people who already spend 70 percent of their income on food and are having a real struggle meeting their needs.
“So any increase in the rice price to them is going to put them in a very difficult situation or make a difficult situation even worse.”
Globally, she said the UN has appealed to the food programme donors to make them “understand that we’re going to need more resources just to do what we’re currently doing.


One Response to “Gloria failing to feed the poor, hastening mutual demise.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi everyone

    please allow me to be Anonymous mala unggoy kasi yung galamay ni gloria for my own security narin.

    may alam kasi ako, gusto ko lang ilantad ito sa masa

    nung senate inquiry ni jun lozada…

    ang ombudsman pinatawag si FG for a hearing tapos si FG sabi di sya maka appear for health reasons, diba?

    si FG na yung next na senate inquiry pero inunahan ni Merceditas… kasi hindi pwedeng sabay imbetigahan si FG nang senate & ombudsman

    merceditas = ombudsman

    so hawak na ni ombudsman si FG at hindi si senator cayetano, et al

    so what’s the catch?

    tado mga yan. mga kawatan talaga.

    kaya inunahan ni merceditas, para hindi ma senate inquiry si FG

    to protect FG. pero akala nang taong bayan, the ombudsman was just doing her job

    pinapatagal nila. buying time…

    it was a political manuever ni merceditas to protect her boss

    sabi ng mga lawyers na kilala ko ginagamit ang talino sa kabalastugan

    mga lawyers lang can see thru this kasi alam nila pano ang takbo nang batas

    magkano kaya binayad kay merceditas para gawin nya mga bagay na eto ano?

    PLEASE REPOST my comments para malaman ng taong bayan yung kabulastugan ng ombudsman

    akala nang taong bayan, the ombudsman was just doing her job

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