GMA, JDV et al – How much is enough?

March 7, 2008

Greed and politicians are often mentioned in the same breath. Especially in these Islands.   For example, we have an ex-Speaker of the House of Congress who refuses to give up his post in the political party of which he is part even though he has been ousted from the speakership, and is virtually powerless now.  The seat of the Speaker, which he occupied for roughly 15 years received an average of P3.2 Billion pesos a years.  This money was supposed to build bridges, be passed on to ordinary congressmen for use in their constituencies, etc.  But the statistics show different.  Despite all the money thrown at the congressmen by the Palace and the Speaker, we are faced with an ever-rising rate of poverty. And still, despite all the start-up money the politicians can pass on to their province-mates, the money seems to find itself in some account earning US dollars.  How they refuse to infuse money into education is obvious. What kind of start politician wants a smart populace that can see through him and make sure he and his brood cannot remain  in power for much longer. Therefore, keeping the Filipino dumb is their goal. And a goal that is easily reached. Simply cut the education and school building budget and the people remain stupid and ignorant.   Now, the Philippine treaty with China, which had to include Vietnam because they were threatening to make a lot of noise, is out in the open. Just so we know who we are up against, a radio program today claimed that yesterday , a certain member of the Press Office  named Golez denied that there were any documents to support this  agreement. However, when  pressed by the interviewer, the official admitted that yes, there was an agreement by the three countries, Philippines, China, and Vietnam to joint exploration of the majority of the Philippine claim in the Spratlys.  But, as Mr. Golez claimed, this was a merely scientific project to study the Philippine area.  When  Vietnam became a country famous for scientific studies  we will never know.  But it sure points to the fact that this  government representative is lying.   The same way the Palace is nlying about exactly what kind of deal was struck by the Philippine president, who has been caught lying ever since the elections. At one point, she even said “I am sorry”. but the people wanted her out since that confession.  No country wants a congenital liar with a family that is obviously enriching themselves no end as their leaders.  It nmakes one wonder exactly what truths Gloria has ever told the people.  It is somewhat like the joke that goes how do you know when the President is lying?  Well, the answer is- her lips are moving.  Same with the infamous de Venecia. He who can speak for two hours without saying a word!  After all, 15 years with more than 3 Billion a years totals around 45 Billion Pesos that was supposed to go to the people, especially the poor. It was not to buy cars, invest infamily businesses like the ZTE deal, etc.  But that was not enough for the man who ruled Congress for 15 years and his family, who is apparently involved in all kinds of business and now that the ZTE scandal has broke, is trying to appear like he is a hero for blowing the whistle on Abalos. The only reason de Venecia’s son and namesake tooted his horn was because he was being stepped on by Abalos.  Otherwise, he would not have had called the people’s attention to it. So why should he seek now hero status? He was, after all, involved in a greed race between him and Abalos and his Mob.  Now it is turning out that de Venecia seems to be involved in the biggest sellout of our history, a situation where the national patrimony was peddled to the Chinese by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, without whose OK this deal could not have gone through, and Jose de Venecia, whose position as Speaker of the House must have required that he sign off on the deal.  Exactly how much money do the Arroyos and the de Venecia’s of our time need to be happy?  Perhaps, in their lust and greed for power and dollars, they completely forgot to feed almost 5 million people who are below the poverty level. If this is not a crime against the people, and this is treason in the highest degree, then what is?  Even the fact that there is even a single hungry Filipino should be grounds to throw these hypocrites to the dogs.  And yet the fact that Gloria has the temerity to rely on 3,000 more soldiers, who to our knowledge are still in Camp Aguinaldo, to possibly shoot down Filipinos who dare call her attention to the fact that she has not only abused her power, but is literally killing people by starving them, while her family are seen on TV as obese, well-fed and greedy as well as their parents.  No more
nonsense.  It should be time for Gloria and her ilk to face the music, the real way.  The hard way.  The Katipunan Way, and I don’t mean Aguinaldo either. He was paid to go into exile. Maybe he is Gloria’s idol.  Sure seems that way.


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