Fight or Flight? Where do we go from here?

March 3, 2008

It was reported today that three battalions of Army soldiers, who have been allegedly asked to refrain from listening on the radio, read the papers, or even watch TV except for the government controlled Channel Four (4), whose newscasters have quickly been reduced to barking out government lies and propaganda (tsk, tsk, Angelique). Who is coming up next, Ronnie Nathanliesz? It was well known that the president, distrusting her own security group, sought refuge in Camp Crame, a military camp in Metro Manila. She was obviosuly afraid of the rallies held in the financial district of Makati last Friday, Feb. 29, 2008.

It will be more rallies, more protests, as more Filipinos are made aware of the President’s secret deal to sell out the Philippine claim to oil deposits in the Spratlys. This was revealed in an article on the Far Eastern Economic Review. For her personal security to beat up people who exercise their freedom of speech is a clear indication of which manner she has decided to face the people of the republic. Her human rights record speaks for itself. Her attempts to muzzle the media and anyone else who wishes to express their feelings about the manner by which she, an unelected president who would not have lasted two days had FPJ not died, has chosen to tackle critcism about her corruption-ridden administration. There are still three battalions, roughly 3,00 troops, waiting in Camp Aguinaldo. Possibly to decrease the population of Metro Manila at her signal? I hope not. But it seems that they are supposed to be fighting their natural enemies, the commies, and not civilians. It seems that justice will be slow to happen, as Gloria very well knows. She apparently is of the mindset that the Filipino would rather flee than fight. Such a shame.


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