Palace widens gap between Philippine government and Citizens

February 12, 2008

With all the scandals rocking the Arroyo administration, it seems that the government reacts all the time to scandals by building walls around itself.  The Palace immediately defends their golden boy, no matter what form of treason he or she had just committed.   Obviously, it has become apparent that the worst the crime that has been committed,  the more the Palace defends it’s boy and even destroys the reputation of the complainant, for crying out loud.   Malacanang has shown all Filipinos that it loves the Filipino people as much as Imelda Marcos did.  Which ain’t no great shakes.  Imelda loved the Philippine Central Bank and Jaime Laya, as much as the Philippines would give her the money she wanted, who would do her bidding immediately, and print her new currency   when she asked for money.  Considering that the people who are complaining are not goons, politicians, or even  political appointees,  all the more the Palace is looking more and more ridiculous.  Take for example, Neri (who seems to be neither here nor there)
and Lozada.  These guys are not seasoned politicians like the scoundrels that are today hogging the headlines.  They are technocrats. They are the guys with the brains who can help bring this country forward.  So, having the brains that are lacking in the Administration, La Vida Gloria hires technocrats.   In the meanwhile, the technocrats are being bullied by the politicians, who need to hold on to their jobs in order to continue to keep printing their illicit money. So, who loses? The children. At the rate the past two administration is going, we will have more ignorant businessmen dealing with our neighbor.  Which means the short end of the stick is what we will get more often than not.   In the meantime, the children of the politicians get educated abroad in order that they be able to continue this feudal system of government.  Although their budgets have been approved and the money is there classrooms  are not built, bridges are not built, houses for soldiers and policemen are non-existent.  The type of education our children get is years behind their actual lessons. Teachers do not get paid.  All this and more being done in order that the politician remains rich, and to hell with the teachers, career  gov’t. workers, policemen/women, etc.  And people complain about who far behind we are from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, now, even Vietnam and Cambodia. Thing is, the citizens of those countries love their countries.  We claim to love ours, but are too “busy” to do something about it. We “love” our country, but allow the crooks to steal as much as they want. And then, when things look bad, everybody complains, but that is the limit of their anger.  They cannot, after all, risk going out in the sun and getting all sweaty and hot. Too much of a sacrifice, di ba?  So do we deserve what we get? Oh, excuse me, you did send a text or two to complain about the government today. Too bad that was not enough to change the government.  Let’s have others do that instead.

Prayers go out to my friend’s Jorge Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmao, president and Prime Ministers of East Timor and friends of PLDT.COM.  I remember meeting them when they went by the U.P. in their trip back home after Indonesia was on the verge of surrendering East Timor to it’s rightful citizens. One can never forget the violence instilled upon the East Timorese by the Indonesian Army, who bayoneted and shot any Timorese they saw in their wild retreat.  The sight of people doing anything to get away from the bayonets, their jumping on concertina wire, which would shred and slash you to bits is is something unforgettable. Malacanang, we noticed, has switched from from barbed wire to concertina, means only one thing, and that is get a brutal as you can get.
Pilipinas kong mahal.  How much more blood by how many more desaparecidos and by people who dare march into the wire.  Let’s fight for our country.  Let;s watcfh our Burmese brothers march into bayonets for freedom. Shall we, can we ?  Most importantly, are we going to fear any more?  If not for us, for our children.  Let’s just use the words of a Malacanang friend when they phone in a comment about the Makati Business Club, and this is worrisome because apparently, the Malacanang thinking now is that it has to be 100% or not. Maybe Malacanang’s Cabinet has to follow this sort of thinking now- all or nothing, but in a democracy, to demand a 100 percent or  nothing.  Sorry but it doesn’t work that way.  Still doesn’t.  Won’t ever work that way. Tough luck for you.


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