Burmese Censorship board warns print media not to post additional material,

February 12, 2008

[ed.-IS this Where we  (Manila) wants to go? (because at the rate we are headed, we are going there)-gerry]

Alert – Burma
12 February 2008
Source: SEAPA/Mizzima News

Censorship board warns print media not to post additional material

The Press Scrutiny Board, a division under Burma’s Ministry of
Information, recently summoned periodical and journal editors to
its office in the former capital Rangoon to warn them from
inserting in their web edition articles and news reports that have
not been checked by the censors.

The Director General of the Press Scrutiny Board, Major Tin Swe,
separately met with editors and publishers of 15 periodicals,
including “Tharaphu (Crown) Magazine”, “Flowers Journal”, “Seven
Days”, “Weekly Eleven”, “Fashion Image” and “People Magazine”.

Action will be taken against those who violate the rules and the
warning, a Rangoon-based reporter told Mizzima.

“I think they gave us this warning because some blogs and bloggers
are giving them some problems. We don’t need to worry about this
warning as we are posting only authorised articles, photos and news
on our website,” an editor of a weekly journal told Mizzima.

The junta strictly censors for content that damages “national
security”, exposes the state of the economy, health and other human
rights concerns, as well as any opinion that challenges state
propaganda or criticises the military government in power. The
clampdown on freedom of expression is extended to the Internet,
making it one of the most extensively censored in the world,
according to the Open Net Initiative (ONI), a Harvard-led joint
research project on online censorship.



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