American Propaganda on the USS Cole – DUH?

January 11, 2008

One of the most educational channels on cable TV nowadays has been the Discovery Channel. I was watching a documentary on the Al Qaedda attack on the USS Cole. Despite the loss of seventeen sailors and the embarrassment of having had existing information that terrorist attacks were inevitable and that there was an 80% indication that US Naval ships were the targets. The end of the documentary said it all for me. Up to the time the documentary was made, the Americans were still of the mindset that despite the fact that they lost 17 personnel and almost had their ship sunk by a Bin laden operation that cost the Al Qaedda a total of only $10,000. (Ten Thousand dollars), the American announcer said that the Al Qaedda attack failed because the ship did not sink. Duh? That was because of pure chance, and nothing more. Not the fact that Americans defended their ship, which they were unable to do, not because they were ready for the attack, which, despite the presence of intelligence information, which they completely ignored, but by pure luck. It’s sad, that despite the loss of seventeen lives and possibly more, if the bombers were lucky, that the Americans still see the incident as their being able to keep their ship afloat. Purely by luck. I guess with that kind of mindset plus leaders like Bush and Cheney, who have managed to make America one of the most despised countries in the world nowadays, that war they are fighting will never be won. And American soldiers, misled and misguided by Bush and Cheney, will continue to get wounded or die. That’s not all. In his mad effort to get more money to fight his war, Bush has managed to take funds away from the Iraqi War veterans and wounded soldiers. So tough luck if you come home wounded, you suffer the wounds all over again. Sorry, your budget has been moved to Bush and Cheney’s other objectives, like oil and more oil. Your best bet is to join Blackwater when your term expires. That’s the mercenary company owned by Bush and Cheney as well. At least they pay better than the Armed Forces.


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